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Google Launched Option to Set an Alarm or Send Notes From Desktop to Android Phone

Google Launched Option to Set an Alarm or Send Notes From Desktop to Android Phone. This is the new feature introduced by google which enables to Set an Alarm or Send Notes From Desktop To Your Android device in simple steps. With this new option, users can easily assign a particular task right from the desktop, then send it to their associated Android device in simple steps. 

For availing this service, you have to enable “Find My phone” and “send directions” options on the google desktop search. You can send a note, set an alarm, and set a reminder with this. You need an android phone and updates the google app before starting. Then turn on Show cards and Show notifications options.

Turn on Web & App Activity in the Account History page. Users on desktop should sign into their Google account related to the Android phone. This enables you to send a note to phone, set an alarm, set a reminder, find my phone, or to send directions. This is very useful and you can easily use ‘Find my Phone’ features right from the desktop.

Google’s new feature doesn’t require anyone to install an additional app.  To perform any action, Simply type the command (say ‘Send a note to my phone’) in Google’s search bar. This will open up a little Google Now-style card that will let you type in your note or specify the directions.

Google will send the data to your phone as a notification. If you have more than one associated device (mobile or tablet), make sure that the command sent to the correct device. This is an intimate step which connect your Android phone and desktop computer. Google earlier launched a browser extension called Chrome to Phone to share data from your computer to your phone. 

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