Google Panda 4.1 update release date – Next google panda update

Google: Google Panda 4.1 coming soon and expecting at this quarter-end. Recently google released panda 4.0 and 30 to 70% decrease in search traffic found for the number of top and leading websites including ebay online sellers. Here the detailed information of google panda 4.0:


Update date: May 21st 2014

Affected some online sellers and press release websites. After panda update, the affected site will not be visible at google’s top pages and we can see such results in 3rd or 4th page of google. Once you changed all the scrapped/low quality content, you can expect a small growth. Don’t worry, if you changed the poor quality content, then next panda update, ie: google panda update 4.1 will be a turning point of your website. So everyone waiting for the next update from google. Me also waiting.


  1. Tell us the next google panda update date. So that i can understand howmany days i want to suffer due to the panda penalty of my current site

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