Gujarat Assembly Elections Schedule and Result 2012

Gujarat election

Gujarat legislative assembly polling has been scheduled on two phases – on 13 and 17 of December 2012. The people have to select 182 members. Cheif minister Narendra Modi (Bharatiya Janta Party) has been in opposition to leader Shaktisinh Gohil (Indian National Congress).

Gujarat Legislative Assembly is based on unicameralism. The polling for the first phase will be on Dec 13  for first phase and Dec 17 for second phase. The number of votes will be counted on December 20 in both the phases.  Issue of notification will be on Nov 17 for first Phase and Nov 23 for second phase.

The last date for filing nomination will be on Nov 24 for the first phase and Nov 30 for the second phase and the scrutiny of nomination will be on Nov 26 for first phase and Dec 1 for second phase. The last date for withdrawal of nomination will be Nov 28 for first phase and Dec 3 for second phase.

In the first phase  the total number of candidates will be 846 consing male 800 and female 46 and total number of electors will be 3,80,77,454 (male 1,99,33,543, female  1,81,43,714). The party wise candidates are BSP -79,GPP-83,INC-84,BJP-87 and others- 130.

 A total number of 87 constituency will be evolved in the election. The polling will be carried in 48 constituencies in 7 districts of Saurashtra, 35 seats in five districts of southern Gujarat and four in Ahmadabad . Congress was almost in opinion  to dethrone Modi. But Gujarat is in position to have victory over Modi in the next general election.

First Phase

Issue of Notification: Nov 17
Last date for filing nominations: Nov 24
Date of polling: Dec 13
Date of counting: Dec 20

Second Phase

Issue of Notification: Nov 23
Last date for filing nominations: Nov 30
Date of polling: Dec 17
Date of counting: Dec 20

Gujarat Assembly Election First Phase Recorded 68% Polls

Gujarat Assembly Election Second Phase Recorded 70% Polls

Gujarat Assembly Election Result

  • Total 182/182
  • BJP: 120 (Won – 106)
  • Congress:56 (Won – 49)
  • GPP:2 (Won – 1)
  • Oth:4 (Won – 3)
  • Narendra Modi won in gujarat


  1. I have seen dream of better India since I born in the earth.i have start to feel about Indian economic and employment and corruption ration increased day by day.Most part of Indian land ruling congresses party since Indian became independent .from that time by now,there is not such a development on Indian land which we really need as compared to others country .I am big witness of Gujarat development basting from 2002 ,once Modi took in charge of GUJARAT .I beleive that Mr Narendra Modi is a person or politician who can make better future of India ,specially Gujarat .nothing wrong if he become PM…he deserved as a Indian PM..he is very smart,passionate ,brave,idea of self innovation .

  2. i need gujarat assembly election result fast. is the result leaked before the publishing date. gujarat is the most important place in India and modi is the most powerful political leader in India. I need to know who will win in gujarat assembly election…. peoples from gujarat may vote for modi because modi makes everything happening there including the river saving by applying covering sun light panel upon the river. people may accept this type of developments and i need to see modi became the next prime minister of India. Manmohan singh is not such a suitable person in that seat. because i am hearing his voice only for price increase of something or any other bad news.

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