Hair Loss – Best Tips For Prevention and Treatment

How To Control And Avoid Hair fall From Home

Hair-LossBeautiful hair is an important attraction for men and women. hair fall is the most common hair problem after dandruff. If you din’t care your hair well it will damage easily and will affect your all over personal look and style. There is some do’s and don’t s for your hair care to prevent hair lose. Each ones hair will be in different type and nature. Individuals need special care for hair based on the type and features of hair.  Your hair may be dry/oily or normal. Hair fall can be best managed by these simple tips. You can try these with trust from home itself and have beautiful thick and shining hair without hair loss.

Tips For Fall free, Shining and Thick Hair

  • Choose the best hair oil
  • Comb hair carefully
  • Try Hot oil massage
  • Use Natural Shampoo
  • Moisturize your hair
  • Enhance Hair growth
  • Care Wet hair after Bath

Choose the best hair oil

  • Always use a regular and trusted oil for your hair, departed usage of different oils may damage your hair
  • Prepare natural hair oils with herbs from it self and apply it is best for your hair
  • Use curry leaves added boiled and cooled coconut oil for better hair growth and hair fall prevention
  • You can prepare a natural hair oil for hair growth self, just add well dried powdered henna leaves with oil and boil well

Comb hair carefully

  • Whenever you comb your hair comb in a smooth and calm way
  • Vigorous combing enhances hair fall and damage by breaking hair tips
  • Never comb wet hair, use fingers to make apart and allow to dry
  • Remove hair tangles using fingers rather than comb for prevent hair breaking

Try Hot oil massage

  • Take sufficient amount of your usual hair oil or herbs mixed oil and make it hot enough to apply
  • Apply well in the scalp and hair and massage with fingers in a smooth way for some time
  • Comb well and Allow the oil to be in scalp for one hour time
  • Apply mild shampoo after one hour and wash well
  • Just do this once in a week and you will get amazing results

Use Natural Shampoo

  • Shampoo you use for hair should be suitable for your hair, always choose mild shampoo
  • After shampooing wash hair well in large amount of water and apply good conditioner to keep it well
  • You can prepare natural shampoo by mixing rice water and Green Gram Dhal powder
  • Apply this solution as shampoo during bath will cleanse your scalp and removes all dirt
  • Using a natural hair oil and shampoo once in a week will works wonderful for your hair

Moisturize your hair

  • Your hair may be dry to normal in, so you need some moisturizing to you scalp and once in a week
  • Try this natural hair moisturizer, apply equal mixture of fresh coconut milk and lime juice
  • keep it for half an hour in hair and wash well in water and do shampoo if needed
  • Never Leave your hair dry for a long time, just use hot oil massage once in week

Enhance Hair growth

  • You can apply this mixture for thick and shining hair from home itself
  • Mix egg white and olive oil in a bowl and apply over scalp and hair
  • keep it there and allow to dry for one hour time
  • After one hour wash well in water then apply mild shampoo, wash again
  • It will prevent hair fall and enhance hair growth in a surprising way

Care Wet hair after Bath

  • After bath never comb your wet hair immediately allow to dry and then comb
  • Forceful rubbing using bath towel should be avoided to prevent hair damage
  • After bath wipe of hair with the bath towel, leave hair allow to dry normally
  • Start combing from bottom and go to the top while combing tangled hair

Keep Your Mind and body fit

  • Eat healthy, lots of raw fruits and vegetable daily
  • Get regular sleep and have large amount of water
  • Studies shows mental Tension will cause hair fall, stay relaxed
  • Hormonal changes Related problem should treat as soon as possible
  • Get away from environmental pollution, dust, cold, wind and cover hair if possible during that time

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