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HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company is a life Insurance company providing insurance to various plans. HDFC  is incorporated with joint venture of Housing Development Corporation Ltd and Standard Life plc. Various plans have been implemented under ICICI Life Insurance are enlisted below:

1. Term plans

Term plan protect family by assuring life security. It improves family financial independence in events like unfortunate death or illness. A sudden incidence will affect your family emotionally and financially it doesn’t matters how much you have saved over years. Term plans are guaranteed for fixed premiums for lifetime.

2. Children’s plans

Children’ s plans envisages on better protection of children, sudden or unfortunate expenses for the child. It offers cash ,additional guaranteed insurance when he/she reaches at maturity. It fulfills your child’s dreams by securing future of child like education, marriage,life style.

Without a proper planning you will not be able to provide child with their economic needs. Nowadays high inflation rate has pushed down normal mans living to uncomfortable.

3. Women’s Plan

It is a insurance cum investment plan. At the stages of new beginning of life it provides confidence to get secured in the life you live. It includes pregnancy, cognetial, cancer conditions. at such situations these plan ensures financial support to women. Understanding the dreams of women HDFC has created plans for providing benefits at every stage of Womens life .

4. Saving and Investment plan

Family is provided with better financial help at the time of certain unexpected happenings in order to provide security for the well being. Family’s future expenses are also secured under such plan for a long term. A lump sum amount is provided for the family. It provides security to the family when you are not near.

5. Health plans

Apart from changing lifestyle has created people more likely to illness. A better health plan ensures security to people by providing financial support. Stress, lack of physical activity and polluted environment has played made life more complex diseases has increased at a rapid rate. Due to increasing expenditure has made people to borrow money from others to sell assets in turn of money in order to pay bill for medical expenses.

6. HDFC Life Pension Plan

HDFC’s Immediate annuity allows to grant capital with gross income during lifetime or whenever you are required. It is the perfect way of planning expenses after retirement.

HDFC Life Pension Plan Features and Advantages

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