Hero iON Hydrogen Fuel Bike Features

Hero iON Concept Bike

Hero unveiled another great product at the auto expo named Hero iON Concept Bike. This is a futuristic hydrogen-fuel cell powered vehicle for the future.This two wheel concept vehicle powered by the hub less electric traction motor wheels.

The pivoting swinging arm suspension fitted in this Hero iON Hydrogen Fuel Bike for stability assurance. The bike comes with an attractive naked style body. Engine supported with Automatic gears transmission. There is a powerful Halogen headlamp at the front of this bike. 

A similar concept is by Tata Motors for public transport solutions. The prototype of the Tata-Marcopolo Starbus Fuel Cell spotted near Sanand in Gujarat. This upcoming bus will be introduced by Tata Motors in association with  ISRO. This will be India’s first fuel cell bus. Tata Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus is a great choice for smart cities.

As per Tata, this will be the future of mass public transportation.This hydrogen fuel cell powered Starbus concept showcased at the Auto Expo.  Tata Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus features zero-emission mass transport solution. This is made in partnership with ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation). 

Hero iON Hydrogen Fuel Bike Special Features

  • Powered by hydrogen-fuel cell
  • Hub less electric traction motor wheel
  • Pivoting swinging arm suspension
  • Drive by wire option
  • VSA (Vehicle situation awareness system)
  • Magneto rheological damping

Hero iON Hydrogen Fuel Bike features Drive by wire option. The instrument console is fully digital with finger touch control facility for easiness. The other features of the Hero iON Concept Bike are VSA (Vehicle situation awareness system) and Magneto rheological damping as per the company official release.

It is expected to launch by 2016 in India as a future Eco friendly vehicle. In all aspects this is an environment-friendly Hydrogen-fuel cell vehicle concept. No inflammations are yet available about the technical specifications and price of the  Hero iON Concept Bike.

Hero iON Concept Bike Price in India: Not Announced

Hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles are best for future. They offer great environmental benefits of driving on electricity. Refueling a fuel cell vehicle will be easy in future with pressurized hydrogen is sold at hydrogen refueling stations. This process will take only less than 10 minutes. These vehicles are capable of offering good driving ranges. Those fuel cell cars and trucks can employ idle-off.

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  1. It is a futuristic design and technology by first sight of the motorcycle but I want to test ride the vehicle to make sure it suits me.All I want is an eco-friendly economic and nice bike.


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