Hewlett Packard Public Cloud Open for Business

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Hewlett Packard Public Cloud Open for Business

HP cloud is diverging out of public beta testing and is allowing service level agreement (SLS) with  a “3.5 nines” up time guarantee.  The word guarantee prefers compute instances to run 99.95 percent of time. SLA is not judged on monthly criteria and is applied to particular area it locates. It depends on our computation which enables to work out more than 4 hours downtime. HP is consenting not less than 20 minutes downtime per month.

When uptime goes down HP provides credit on the bill which rises to 30% as uptime falls below 99%. Uptime will be ordered within 7 hours of  per month. The price determination of HP Cloud Compute instances are somewhat exactly as public beta program but be conscious of promotional pricing having 50% discount.

HP is  selling  T-shirt size starting from extra small to extra large charged to $1.28 per hour running Linux  with 4 cents and  6 cents costs $1.92 per hour running Windows on Compute Cloud. HP supports Windows Server 2008 SP2 and R2 which has been recently added. SLA of Cloud Object Store is a public beta is a enhanced with uptime guarantee as Compute cloud. HP is transferring it’s Block Storage service from private to public beta which gives twist to certain jerks. It is charged upto 10 cents per GB per month.

HP is constructing public cloud in Open Stack which controls mutations and uses “Essex” which is changing to new Folsom. HP compute is located to “Nova” compute control and Object Storage service is a  “Swift” controller. HP is now launching a private beta cloud  service based on VMware’s open source Cloud foundry work. It has also added workload migration to help customers to move apps into cloud.

Private clouds tweezed

HP is making public cloud supported by ProLiant servers running openstack with an expensive setup named Cloudsyatem established on Bladesystem having lots of  management and provisioning tools which makes the enterprise to have their own private clouds. Cloudsystem is an upgraded technology of BLoodSystem Matrix.Cloud system has assembled infrastructure clouds supporting KVM hypervisor supported by Red Hat.

CloudSystem software has own cloud control freak uses VMware ESXi and  Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors for x86-based ProLiant blades . KVM support can be attained by HP through woven open stack into the Cloudsystem software to manage KVM. The machine is carried with specific implementation with the latest Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3.

Freestanding Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) KVM hypervisor is integrated with Ubuntu Server. We can mix and match Hyper-V, ESXi, and KVM on a single set of CloudSystem clusters and can be managed from the CloudSystem console.

CloudSystem Matrix setup has the ability to manage  hypervisors all built in, thus enhancing infrastructure cloud. Cloud service automation will allow us to spend  in the order 1.5X to 2X to the cost of CloudSystem Matrix to get it.

Cloud Services Automation 3.1 tools has modified KVM with openstack API’s and is incorporated with HP’s CloudArmour firewall and intrusion protection system. The CloudSystem Cloud Services Automation combo can be used for automated cloudbursting to HP cloud as well as public cloud of Amazon and Savvis.

For getting your  required for app dev/test teams to generate the code through the test, QA, and production phases and the final layer code is known as  Continuous Deliver Automation. The tool requires 1.1 release of the week so that the mangers can justify what infrastructure is applicable to the production as disputed in the test/dev..

CDA 1.1 is not capable of making specific hardware reference but a general one.The main motive is to remove several planning issues but mankind wants to see CDA tool. It costs about $27000 and consists of five stipular applications.

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