How to add content to Wikipedia ?

Adding content to wikipedia – How to add your content to Wiki ?


How to add content to Wikipedia ? 

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia written in encyclopedia format. It was created by Larry Sanger and Jimmy Wales. It is a center for getting information as well as knowledge about various matters and issues related to various sources. First of all you have  to select a suitable article then it should be edited,you should gather as many references. The articles related to living person must have sources otherwise it should be deleted  Pages related to yourself and your friends is not entertained in encyclopedia and aslo be cautious about copying.

Steps for adding contents in the Wikipedia

1. The first step is to create an account ,we have to log in at

2. Second step involves in selecting the user name either real name or any other name such as your organisation name. Also choose a difficult password which will make difficult for other to determine.

3. Then enter words from the image same as they appear in the box. It helps in identifying that the real person is accessing Wikipedia.

4. The words should be entered in the search box that exists on the top page. The name of the topic should not be written.

5. Basic information should be provided to existing Wikipedia article if the selected topic usually exists.

6. Redirect page is created with a secondary name of the article that already exists.

7. Then create new article by clicking linked article in red font.

8. All sources should be listed for getting details about article. It will be featured as hyperlink in the page of web.

9. Last step involves writing article, it can be added or edited at any time we need.

Components required for A page

1.Page categories: Every page must have categories.You must search for a page relevant to topic and copy the code as well as add to your page.

2.Total objectivity: Advertisements should not be included.

3.Multiple reference sources: Reference sources should be provided

4. Reference to other Wikipedia pages: Search engines are supported to create links.

5. People will edit your pages: if you are disagreed with the page . You can resolve the problem by discussing it with other wikipedian. Wikipedia is originally an encyclopedia and also  offers discussion facilities related to each item,editing tools etc.

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