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How to Apply for SBI Credit Card in India – Steps and Procedure


Apply for SBI Credit Card in India ? This is a simple procedure if you gets proper instructions and information about the basic process. Here we describe you about the full Steps and Procedure of obtaining a new credit card in India. Using a credit card makes your transactions simple and best for booking flights, train, hotels, shopping and other purchase payments. Each cards have their own benefits. According to the selection, you will get Reward Points as welcome gift. 

sbi credit card

Apply for SBI Credit Card in India – Steps

1. Visit the official website of SBI via www. sbicard.com/eapply/. On the top of the page, you can find an option named “Compare Cards”. Click on this and you will be directed to the next page with few options of cards.

2. Here you can determine which type of card you want for your transactions. Select one among the cards. The list of cards includes SBI Signature Card, SBI platinum card, SBI gold and more card, IRCTC SBI card, Air India SBI Signature Card, Air India SBI Platinum Card and Yatra SBI Card. 

3. After choosing the right card, Then click on “apply now”. There is also another option to get details about each card. To get this click on”view Details” option. Answer the question “Do you currently own an SBI credit card?” by clicking on yes or no option. 

sbi credit card

4. To apply for the credit card, enter all personal details in the space given. Fill your Name, Date of Birth, Qualification, Email ID, Res address line 1, city, res number, gender, PAN number, mobile, Res Address line 2, Pin Code, Occupation type etc. Entering of all these personal and professional data is common while applying for any kind of credit card. 

5. Details need to enter in  professional information area includes  name of your company of employment, the industry field in which you work, your position, your employer’s address, alternate card number (if you had another credit card for more than 6 months) and the number of years you have been employed at the company etc.

6. After filling it, click on Agree to the terms and conditions. You must review these terms and conditions thoroughly before agreeing. By signing this agreement you are also agree to issuance and renewal fees associated with the card. This also authorize the company and its affiliates to check your provided information, to contact credit reporting agencies, and to contact you. 


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