How to Apply Online for Destitute Certificate in Kerala – Steps and Procedure

How to Apply Online for Destitute Certificate in Kerala – Steps and Procedure

Destitute certificate is used for applying / claiming any relaxations under goverment of kerala, if the applicant is a destitute. This certificate is issued and approved by the Committee of local body.

Eligibility for registering as a Destitute

  • A Persons residing within Kerala State for a  continuous period from not more than two years immediately preceding  the date of application, who doesn’t have a first order relative( father, mother, son) of or above 20  years of age
  • A woman whose husband is dead yet, not re-married and  have no source of  any income or having a nominal pension/income of Rs. 300 only  and those who have no relative of or above age  20
  • A child / unmarried woman whose parents are dead and does not have any first relations( father, mother, son) who is of or above age 20.
    * A woman whose husband is missing for more than 7 years can be considered as a widow.

Required documents:

  • Ration Card
  • Aadhaar or voters ID
  • Death certificates of applicants father/mother/husband

Applicant can visit their nearest Akshaya e-center for applying online or they can apply using the website of e-district Kerala.

Steps for applying online,

  • Log on to the website using username and password, or if you are not a registered portal user, go to “Portal User Creation” then click “One Time Registration” menu.



  1. Select “Applicant Registration”.
  2. Fill relevant information and click on “Check duplicate”, the system will automatically check the duplicate application.
  3. Then click “Submit” for registration.
  4.  After registering, click  “Apply for a certificate” menu and followed by that click “Get started” button.
  5. Now you will be directed to another page. Enter  registration No., certificate type, certificate purpose etc.
  6. Select Certificate Type as “Destitute Certificate” and fill another form.
  7. Click “Save” and it will ask you to provide required documents in “attach document” section.
  8. Make payment using Debit/Credit or Internet banking.
  9. After successful payment the page will be directed to the receipt page.
  10. you can check the Status on “transaction history” on the left tab.

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