How to Apply Online for Property Registration in Kerala – Steps of Document Details Entry Procedure

How to Apply Online for Property Registration in Kerala – Steps of Document Details Entry Procedure

Property registration procedures have burned a big hole in common man’s pockets due to hike in registration charges in the state. Recently in Kerala, there has an incident of self-written deeds were submitted to the sub-registrar offices in Thrissur and Poonjar by Kalathod Anto D. Ollukkaran and his wife Sunamol Anto and P.R. Raveendran Thampi in order to complete the registration procedures all by themselves.

These people claim, they saved about Rs 12,500 and Rs 30,000, respectively with this procedure. Now government allows individuals to write out property title deeds by themselves. You can save thousands by doing it yourself. The order issued on on May 31 permitting individuals to write their own deeds. So need of licensed deed-writers and legal advisers to file a flee. 

The simple and hand-written draft documents from individual can be scrutinized by officials at the sub-registrar’s offices. They will instruct the individuals to make changes, if necessary. Essential Copies of different models of deeds and guidelines are also uploaded on the Registration Department’s website for public use. This will make the processes easier for the common people and ensure error-free drafts. 

Registration Department is one of the oldest department in the state. provide a conclusive proof of genuineness of document, afford publicity to transaction, prevent fraud, afford facility for ascertaining. This is the third largest source of revenue to the state exchequer, the first two being sales tax and excise.

Steps of Online Property Document Details Entry Process – kerala Registration

  • First need to create the Username and Password for the user. To do this just login go to ‘’ and, click on ‘Online Application’ link in the home page. 



  • In the next page click on Online Document Details Entry- User Registration ‘ option. Now you are redirected to a new page showing “New User Registration” window. Three types of users can submit the document, viz Advocates, Doc.Writers and others.


  •  Fill all areas in the box and submit it. After successful registration the user will get a message as shown below which shows user name and password. Now you can Click on the ‘Log In’ button to login. 



  • Once you login successfully, they will be a page for navigation. You have to go through few more Steps for submitting application for document registration.



These 3 steps are:- 

  1. Selection of available time slot (Token)
  2. Enter Presentation details, Document details, Claimant details etc
  3. Submit the application and get the acknowledgement slip



1. Search for available token

You can search and select convenient time slot for presenting document in Sub Registrar office. After completing with all correct details click on submit. 




2. Enter Details (Presentation details, Document details, Claimant details etc)


  • Presentation details: Here you have to enter details of the person presenting the document and other important details. Keep in mind that Starred(*) fields are mandatory. Fill Local boy type, Document Amount and No. of filing sheet properly. Once you filled everything correctly then submit it. 



  • Previous document details: These details used to store PR details of the document to be registered. Those Executant Details will be stored automatically, After saving correct PR details. 



  • Claimant details (buyer’s details): Next you have to enter the Claimant details. Claimant details entry is mandatory. Once you finished click on save button. 



  • Building Details: If you have ticked the ‘Is Building in Property’ option to ‘Yes’, then this box will appear. Enter correct detail on this. The Property serial No. has to select to determine the property in which the building is situated.



  • Executants details(seller’s details): You can edit the Executants details. By clicking ‘Power of Attorney’ check box, you can enter Power of Attorney details. The Executants details entry is also mandatory. 



  • Property Details: In next step, you have to Enter the details of property. The ‘Edit’ button can be used to edit the Property details. Keep in mind that Total cost of ‘Amount of Land’ and ‘Amount of building’ should be less than or equal to the document amount. 



  • Claimant-Property Link: This form is used to mention which property is attached to which owner. This is also applicable when no. of properties and no. of owners are more than one. 
  • Enter Enclosure details, Witness details, Stamp paper details and extra notes regarding the document. 

 3. Submit the application and get the acknowledgement slip


  • The final step in On-line Token Presentation is submitting the application to the SRO. You  can also choose another slot by clicking ‘View Token’ if the selected one is not convenient.
  • Once you finished click on ‘Accept & Submit to SR’ for submitting the application.



  • There will be a  summary of the entered details. You can once again read all details and make necessary changes to avoid problems at the time of Registration.
  • Now Click on ‘Accept & Continue’. In the confirmation box you can click on OK button to submit the application to the SRO.



  • Now a box mentioning the ‘Mode of Payment’ will appear. There you can see  Stamp Duty and Fees to be paid for Register the Document.
  • Click on ‘Go’ button to continue. User can also click on yes button so he can do the payment using online payment system.

pic 14

  • After payment an Acknowledgement slip will appear and this contain Dept. Ref. No., Date of Presentation, Time of Presentation and Place of Presentation.
  • Now Click on ‘Report’ to view the detailed report.

pic 15

  • You can submit printout of the Report along with related documents to the Sub Registrar Office for  Registration.
  • This should be in exact time and date which displayed in your Acknowledgement slip. 

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