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How to Become a Seller On Flipkart


Here is the full instructions and guidelines on How to Become a Seller On Flipkart. Recently we have posted about “How to Become a Seller on eBay”. eBay offers the most simple and fast procedure to become a seller and ear money. In case of Flipkart you have to go through various steps. 

Steps to Register on Flipkart

  • Register your Business  – Online Startup Registration

Basic documents required to register as a seller on Flipkart includes are PAN Card, VAT/TIN Number (not mandatory for books and un-stitched dress materials), Bank account and supporting KYC documents (ID Proof, Address Proof, and Cancelled Cheque). 

You can register as a seller if you have a PAN card and able to sell only books and unstitched material. The TIN Number is a must selling any other products. After getting all this, Go to the Flipkart Website, create a seller account, Upload and Verify Documents and give seller information.


Then Follow these steps:- 

1. List your products

Use the self-serve tool and simply Upload your products. They offer service of Catalog & photo-shoot partners across India. 

2. Updating price and stock count of your listings

3. Fulfilling orders or order management

This steps includes Receiving new orders from buyers and confirming the order, Packing that order, adding label for dispatch, Dispatching order, Downloading the manifesto, Tracking orders until they are delivered to your buyers.

4. Handling returns and Solving Issues

5. Accepting Payments

6. Track Performance

Must Verified Details by Flipkart

There are few details, that must be provided and verified during the Flipkart Seller registration process. This list include Name, Email address, Phone number, Pickup address / business address, Categories of product the business is interested in selling through Flipkart. Business registration documents and Tax registration documents.


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