How to block advertisements in google chrome


How to block advertisements in google chrome

Do you know How to block those advertisements which may disturbing you while reading something in  computer. Here is the tutorial for installing “Adblock” extension in google chrome and which will block all website advertisements. Here i am writing a simple way to block all web ads in google chrome. Please follow the below steps.

  • Open your google chrome browser and click on “customize and control google chrome button”
  • From the drop down menu, click on tools>extensions. Please refer the image below.


  • From the extensions page, click on “Get more extensions” button.


  • In the chrome web store search, type “adblock” in search field and find for the extension. It will show all available extensions. Click on the first one and add it to chrome.


  • After chrome restart, The “Adblock” extension will block all website advertisements.

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