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How to Change Address on Voter ID Card Online in Kerala


How to Change Address on Voter ID Card Online in Kerala

How many of you know the exact process of Changing Address on Voter ID Card Online in Kerala ? Here we are ready to help you in the most simplest and easy way to carry this process. The most advantage of this way is, the applicant need not leave his house to make the changes. All the Correction, enrolment, or change of address in the Election ID card is now made easier with switching the process online by Election Commission.

Earlier you may have to go to Taluk office, writing an application, and being subjected to a hearing. Now the process is very simplified. For the Address Change Process in Kerala Voter ID Card Online you have to visit the CEO Website www.ceo.kerala.gov.in and proceed step by step. After this, have a Print out of the application and it can be given to booth level officer (BLO).

Then who will visit the applicant at his house. The booth level officer will verify the documents and collect photocopies of the same and collect the applicant’s signature. After that all these documents will be submitted to Taluk office. Combining the BLO’s report, Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) will take necessary decision. 

If you do not have computer and internet connection:-

Just visit your nearest Akshaya Centres and they will carry out the process for a fee of Rs 22. You can also get aid from Voter Assistance Desk at Election wings at district and Taluk levels and they will provide the service free of cost. Contact 1950, toll free number for any further assistance and information.

If you have access to computer and internet connection proceed with the following step by step instructions:-

1. Visit the official website www.ceo.kerala.gov.in

2. You reach the home page now, then click on E- Registration on the top left side of the home page.

voter id

3. By clicking on this, you are directed to the next page of ceo and here you have to choose the mode of registration. There are three options available:- self, through BLO and through akshaya centre. As your applying online by self, choose the “Self” option and click on Proceed button.

voter id

4. Now you are in a new page and here you have to fill few things like District of Residence and Date Of Birth. For this choose the district first and then fill date of birth by selecting day, month and year. Answer the question”Do You Have an Elector Photo Identity Card (EPIC)” by giving yes or know option. If you have to edit the address on card you must choose the yes option. Next field you have to fill is “Are You a Keralite residing abroad (Non-Resident Indian)? Answer yes or no and then Enter your Voter ID Card Number in the given field. Click on Proceed. 

voter id

5. In the new window, it showing “You are not a registered voter in the current electoral roll of the selected district. You may enroll in the electoral roll now.” This message is showing because, you have entered the new district name where you stay as a part of your address change.

District Name and voter ID Card Number you entered will display on the top of page. Now enter Voter ID Card Number of your family member/nearest neighbour included in the current electoral roll of the new place of residence. This is to find the place where you have to vote hereafter. Then, fill the Relation to Applicant and click on proceed.


6. Fill the following details in the new page. This page shows the, FORM 6 – Application for inclusion of name in electoral roll. Before filling this See rules 13(1) and 26 for more details. Applicant Details, Address(English), Address(Malayalam) and Photo needed here. Based on the earlier entered voter ID of your family member, some fields may get filled automatically.

Please note that, For Malayalam(unicode) , type using Inscript keyboard Or click Keyboard icon beside the textbox. In this page, Uploading photograph is not mandatory for the time being. You have to Provide your recent passport size photograph to your Booth Level Officer at the time of enquiry.

Fields you have to fill:-

Applicant Details

  • Name
  • Name(Malayalam
  • New Ward No
  • Sex
  • Date of Birth


  • New House No
  • House Name
  • Place
  • Post Office
  • Period of Continuous Residence in the present address


  • New House No(Malayalam)
  • House Name(Malayalam)
  • Place(Malayalam)
  • Pincode

Place of Birth

  • Village/Town
  • District
  • State

voters id

Fields you have to fill:-

Details of Father/Mother/Husband/Relative

  • Relation to Applicant
  • Name
  • Name(Malayalam)

Contact Details

  • Mobile Number
  • LandPhone Number
  • Email
  • Aadhaar Number

Electoral details of the Applicant(if he/she already have a Voters idcard)

  • State
  • Constituency
  • Id Card No
  • Previous Address

voter id

After filling all the data, don’t forget to upload your photo. At last, fill How do you want to receive new Electoral ID Card. You have three options; Through BLO, By Post and Direct From taluk. Choose the best option for you and click on Proceed. Once the applicant has registered successfully, you will receive a confirmation sms with the details of the BLO concerned.

At the same time, the same BLO will receive an sms with the applicant’s details for future use. With this the applicant can keep a track of his request via the website or by contacting with the concerned BLO. The applicant will be informed through sms based on his request has been approved or denied after a decision has been made.


    • After your application, blo will visit your home and collect the details of proof. Then you will get new voter id card within 2 moths after blo visit at home.

  1. Hi Sir,
    My self and my wife ID card also submitted an online request for changing of house address and ward no. since on 14 Apr. 2015. and I have received application receipt also. But The BLO and Ward no. generated by through system only whatever given BLO and Ward No. is totally wrong creation from system. Therefore I followup with the existing BLO and New BLO (System Creation) Aadhaar enrollment center, Chemmaruthy Panchayath office, as well as Taluk office too. but I haven’t receive any positive replay from everywhere it was very poor response from them. even till now all offices are saying that wait for your ID the new BLO will be issued to you. But still I haven’t received my new ID card

  2. Hi,
    I also submitted an online request for change of name on Feb 2015. I have received approval SMS after BLO verification also. But still I haven’t received my new ID.

  3. Hi Sir,
    I submitted an online request for change of name around 2 months back.The BLO had come and verified all details.I had selected “By Post” option while submitting the request.I also got an SMS telling me that my application has been process & that i will be getting my new voter id by post in 7 days.
    Its been 2 months almost now & i havent recived anything by post.The BLO was asking me to check in Taluk office.Could you please help me out on my below queries..
    1) When opted for delivery “By Post”,doesnt that mean it will be sent to my registered address?ALso how will it be sent,ie Speed post,Registered post etc??
    2)Do i need to check in the nearest Taluk ofice?I am not a resident of kerala and this option would be the least favoutable for me.
    3) I also called up the Customer care & was told to wait till Jan 2015
    Please do help me out on this..


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