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How to Change Your Name ?


How to Change Your Name ?

Here we are introducing a small article about “how to change your name”. Few steps are given below. If you want to change your name legally, read carefully.

Following are the three steps for changing your name.

1. Affidavit

Visit your lawyer and make an affidavit by stating the change of your name. Then, submit it in your District Court. The affidavit is used for changing the first or last name, which contains the current name, the new name and the reason for changing the name. Take a copy of affidavit for the safety. Next, affix the Non-Judicial Stamp Paper of minimal value on affidavit.


2. Newspaper Publication

You have to proclaim the changes in your name through the two local newspapers in local and English language.

3. Gazette Notification

Visit the Government Press of your state. Then, fill up the form and pay the fees. The Official Gazette shall be published the notification of your name change. At last, you will receive the copy of the notification in your respective address. Take the copy of the mention notification for the safety.

That’s all.


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