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How To Control Your Computer Via Twitter Account

How To Control Your Computer Via Twitter Account

Control Your Computer Via Twitter Account is the latest helpful trend. If you forgot to shutdown your home PC,don’t worry now you can shutdown it from office or outside. If you already have remote desktop or VNC connection, it will very simple to manage your PC. Setting up a new remote connection is difficult and costly. If you don’t have this connections what will do?.

Here twitter will help you to connect your PC remotely only you need a internet enabled mobile or computer and a twitter account. Control Your Computer Via Twitter Account is very easy now. Here i am writing an article to control your computer from remotely via twitter. You can shutdown, restart, log off, lock, hibernate from mobile or remote PC with the help of TweetMyPC application.

How to use TweetMyPC

  • First download TweetMyPC application or visit this website http://tweetmypc.codeplex.com/
  • After downloading setup.exe file, install it to your computer.
  • After installation,Open the application and sign in with your Twitter credentials.


  •  You need to authorize app, for this enter username and password and authorize.


  • After authorizing,you will get a code. Copy the code and come back to the TweetMyPC application and paste the code in the given column and click Ok.


  • After entering code, go to about and check basic comments.


  • Once you click basic command list, it will open a new window with supported command list. Please refer the image below.

From supported commands list you can find shutdown,restart,standby,hibernate,lock,logoff and lot of commands. The “screenshot” command will help you to see what going on in your computer and “download <URL>” command will help you to download application or movies in your computer while you are in outside.

There are so many commands available. Only you need to tweet it in your twitter account. If you want to take screenshot of your computer, simply tweet “screenshot” in your twitter.


Once you enter a tweet command in twitter, the tweetmypc app will catch this command and reply back a to the twitter.


To make your tweet privately, you have to create a new account for this purpose only or make your tweet private from twitter account settings.

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