How To Do Online Voter Registration? – Apply For Voter ID Card Online


How To Do Online Voter Registration? – Apply For Voter ID Card Online

You can do Online Voter Registration from your home if you read and follow the steps described in this article. First go to the Election Commission of India (ECI) homepage. This is the official website for voter registration. Here is complete information about election process in India. There is also various guidelines for voters and various application forms. According to your need select the form. For new voter registration, which is Form 6.

Steps to Apply For Voter ID Card Online

  • Visit the Election Commission of India (ECI) official website ( and you can see the homepage as shown here. 


  • To find the form (Form 6) you have to select “National Voters Service Portal” on the homepage of ECI website.
  • Under the “National Services” section, click on “Apply online for registration of new voter”. Now there will be an online application form. Get all required documents and start to fill the form. 


  1. One passport sized photograph
  2. Identity proof (birth certificate, passport, driving licence, PAN Card etc)
  3. Address proof (ration card, passport, driving license or a utility bill (phone or electricity))
  • Here you can Enter details on the form and upload the required documents.
  1. The Voter ID form is divided into 4 sections. The first section consists of information of the applicant’s details like name of applicant, gender, date of birth, place of birth, etc.
  2. The second section asks your address and details of address such as door name, street name, etc.
  3. The third section asks about details of any family member who is currently registered as a voter in the same electoral constituency.
  4. The fourth form contains declaration. The first part regarding, this is the first time your name will be included on the electoral rolls. The second part states your name and place where it could be registered, along with the date (in day, month and year format).


  • After completing all details, Click on “Submit”. Then you will receive an email on the email address that you have provided. There will be a link to a personal Voter’s ID page. You can track your voter ID application through this page. You will get your Voter ID card in a month from your application.


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