How to Get LPG Subsidy Through Bank In India – How to Book LPG Cylinder From Phone


Last updated on July 10th, 2018 at 09:54 am

How To get LPG subsidy through direct cash transfer

LPG-subsidyIts really happy to hear that LPG or cooking gas consumers in 18 districts in India offered a subsidy of Rs. 435 in their bank accounts after they have booked an LPG cylinder from 2013 June onwards. It will be a  great help for those consumers who are now paying Rs. 880 for a cooking gas cylinder as market price. The facility is carrying out based on direct benefit transfer programme keeping an aim to cut fuel subsidy. Initially the government focus on 20 districts to make the process of cooking gas supply in an easy and affordable way for the common people.

You have to immediately link your bank account with your aadhaar number in order to eligible for this subsidy. After linking either you can directly register details in company website or you will helped by the gas agencies for registration with submission of necessary documents.

Dial 9420456789 for LPG booking

From this July first onwards booking of cooking gas cylinders made easy with the interactive voice response system (IVRS). This facility will help you to book cylinders from home itself by dialing  9420456789.

Once your booking is over you will get a booking registration number through SMS or via your land phone. You just need to register your land line or mobile number with the agency or you can directly add in the website ebharatgas .com.

Procedure to get  LPG subsidy

You have to seed your aadhaar or unique identification number with your bank account to get this benefit. Nearly 89 percent of consumers of LPG have aadhaar number.Government has given 3 month time period to them for seeding as soon as early.

After that you need to submit some identification details to the gas agency or can directly register in company site.  At the end of this 3 months that is before September you have to link your accounts or otherwise you may have to buy the cylinder for market place without subsidy.

Follow These Steps to get  LPG subsidy through bank account 

  • Ensure you have a valid and accessible bank account.
  • Know your aadhaar number and have a copy.
  • Link the aadhaar number with this account.
  • Have a valid email ID or mobile number.
  • Fill the kyc form from agency, paste a photo on it.
  • Give these details in your concerned gas agency.
  • Or you can visit the site .in
  • Follow the 3 steps below and directly submit application.

Advantage of direct benefit transfer program 

Through this scheme consumers in these 18 districts will get Rs. 435 in their bank accounts after they have booked an LPG cylinder as subsidy. The process will repeat whenever you are booking for a new cylinder. So you can buy a cylinder for market place of Rs. 880.

How to Fill and Submit Application Form directly in Website to get LPG Subsidy

Step 1

  • Enter your state
  • Enter your district

Step 2

  • Enter benefit type (LPG)
  • Enter scheme name (BPCL (Bharath petroleum/HPCL (Hindustan petroleum/IOCL (Indian oil))
  • Select distributor name
  • Give your consumer number

Step 3

  • Enter your email id
  • Add your mobile number
  • Add your aadhaar number
  • Submit the application form

LPG subsidy For Those Have No Aadhaar Number

Recent news from official sources says that if you don’t have an aadhaar number also you will get the LPG gas subsidy. For that you have to change gas connection to any member of your family with a valid aadhaar number. Then follow these steps for changing gas connection to another family member.

  • Have the subscription voucher obtained from gas agency at the time of obtaining connection.
  • written agreement on white paper to the oil company by the current owner of gas connection.
  • Another agreement on 100 rupees stamp paper by person receiving the connection.
  • have the filled kyc form (know your customer), copy of aadhaar, bank account number and phone number
  • submit all these details to the agency.

Future extension of this programme

Currently government included 20 districts under this scheme those have high aadhaar or unique identification number penetration. After studying the results of this programme it will be extended to other districts also before the end of this year.


  1. Let this government be voted out for imposing the bank account/aadhar and related problems with bank accounts upon the people, just like the previous government was voted out. Let them never come to power again.

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