How to Get Residence Certificate in Kerala – Steps and Procedure

How to Obtain Residence Certificate in Kerala

Residence Certificate or nativity Certificate is issued to prove that the person bearing the Certificate is a Resident of the State by which the Certificate is being issued. It is used for various purpose such as it provides quotas in educational level, it provides, it allows students to apply for scholarship schemes etc.



Required Documents for Residence Certificate in Kerala:-

  • The proof that you have been residing in Kerala state for minimum period that is specified by the state (10 years)
  • Proof of your own land in the state
  • Valid id proof
  • School certificates
  • Tehsil inquiry report
  • Ration card
  • Birth certificate

The application form can be downloaded from the following link.

You can apply for the certificate from village/municipality/Akshaya kenthra with an application fee. Within 2-3 days you will get the issued certificate.

Steps To Apply Online For Residential certificate/nativity Certificate,

  1. Log on to the website using username and password, or if you are not a registered portal user, go to “Portal User Creation” then click “One Time Registration” menu.
  2. Select “Applicant Registration”.
  3. Fill relevant information and click on “Check duplicate”, the system will automatically check the duplicate application.
  4. Then click “Submit” for registration.
  5.  After registering, click  “Apply for a certificate” menu and followed by that click “Get started” button.
  6.  Now you will be directed to another page. Enter  registration No., certificate type, certificate purpose etc.
  7. Select Certificate Type as Residence certificate and fill another form.
  8. Click “Save” and it will ask you to provide required documents in “attach document” section.
  9. Make payment using Debit/Credit or Internet banking.
  10. After successful payment the page will be directed to the receipt page.
  11. you can check the Status on “transaction history” on the left tab.

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