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How To Increase The Mileage Of Bikes And Cars


Tips For Best Fuel Economy From Diesel And Petrol Vehicles

Mileage Of Bikes

Anywhere in the world when some one is planning to buy a new vehicle it may be a car bike or some other vehicles the first thing each and every one will consider is the mileage or fuel economy/efficiency option. As the figures for the fuels increasing day by day we are in a horrible situation to manage with the day to day petrol and diesel filling for vehicles.

CNG and LPG vehicles are available a a lot but it have lots of practical difficulties and problems to use for every one. There is only one and difficult question to answer that is “How to increase the mileage for my vehicle? It not possible to increase the mileage figure in a surprising way but you can try some healthy and use full tricks and trips to improve your mileage up to 30 to 35%. Are you interested to  trying those tips, just read the simple things below that can be possible for every one.

1. Maintenance of  recommended air pressure in tyres

The first and most important thing you have to do is this. There will be a correct figure of air pressure recommendation from different manufactures for different vehicles. You have to maintain it properly first for good mileage. A properly pressurized tyre will reduce the rolling resistance. The acceleration and braking will be good in this level. Check the air pressure before whenever you are starting to drive your bike or car.

2. Choose the highways to ride when ever possible

You can select the highways than busy city traffic. the reason will be clearly known to every body is that city ride offers less mileage and highways offers best class riding mileage.

3. Avoid aggressive and unstable driving pattern

You have to entirely change your pattern of driving for getting good mileage options. Drive in a calm and stable way. As there is more and more acceleration and braking it is badly affecting the engine and power along with lots of fuel too. SO drive in a non aggressive manner in order to get good mileage.

4. Choose a lighter vehicle to ride always

If you are more preferring bikes to ride in the city you can select a lighter bike so it will offer the best class mileage than a heavy bike. The same thing is applicable in case of cars and other four wheelers too.

5. Be More Aerodynamic in driving

Wearing of a well covered or a full helmet greatly helps you to improve your mileage. Not joking just try and see the results.

How To Increase The Mileage Of Bikes And Cars

6. Timely servicing and maintenance of vehicle

Servicing or maintenance of vehicles in a specific time period as recommended by the manufactures may be a disturbing thing fro you. But you must have to do it properly. The amount you may have to correct a problem in future will be more than the skipped service changer for the vehicle.

7. Select high quality fuel

Your vehicle may be diesel or petrol powered one. Always use quality engine fuel in your vehicle without compromising. The bad fuel may cause sludge in your fuel injectors.

8. Avoid driving with the engaged brakes

Some people usually have a bad habit of driving by keeping their foot still on the rear brakes. The habit is really a problem and takes lots of your extra fuel. This not only cause mileage reduction but also causes early wear out of your brakes soon. Avoid the habit as much as possible.

9. Off engine when you wait at the traffic signal

You may be in a traffic block or at the signal for a few minutes, it is better to off your engine if the time takes more than 20-30 seconds. The engine running while you are not driving is a wastage of fuel.

10. Look way ahead is best for the motorcyclist

Whenever you ride your vehicle it is better to Look way ahead for better fuel economy. It will help to offers a stable momentum. You can also use engine brakes in case of need rather than the real brakes. Try the tip too.

11. Stay out of the upper RPM’s, regardless of gear

More and more RPM means your engine is sipping more and more fuel too. So it is always to go for a moderate level when you choose your vehicle for best mileage. Always accelerate your vehicle so briskly and shift well.

12. Have properly inflated/rotated/balanced tyres on ride

As the earlier mentioned point of Maintenance of  recommended air pressure in tyre, the too important things are this. You have to keep your vehicles tyres properly inflated/rotated/balanced tyres on ride to obtain a good class of mileage.

13. Avoid carrying of excess weight in your vehicle

Why you have to carry unnecessary weight in your vehicle when there is no need of that. Remove all unwanted items from your vehicle before drive definitely offers an improved mileage.

14. Turn off accessories which uses engine power

The car accessories adding to the safety and comfort facilities all the time , but keep in mind those accessories which uses the engine power will reduce your mileage too. Turn off the AC whenever you are not in a  need of it. You can try Keeping A/C vent closed so that the recirculating air keeps air cool.

15. Keep your windows always up while driving: Wind Resistance

It is another important point. while you driving with the windows open it may cause to drag the car a little back and thus more fuel usage than regular drive. so minimize the Wind Resistance.

16. Avoid repetitive engine turn off

Another controversial point among the riders is that repetitive engine turn off. Suggestion from some experts is  that you should not off the engine if you are sure about the engine turn on withing the next five minutes.

Just Try These Hot Tips For excellent Mileage

  • Have a checking about the batteries,chain slackness, Correct petrol amount and the brakes
  • Consider alternate Vehicles in between like a Electric Motorcycle or car
  • Keep the engine clean and fresh, have regular basis of cleaning schedule for both two wheelers and four wheelers t o get good mileage.
  • Avoid put the choke for a too long time it will fill th eengine with the fuel and cause less mileage/fuel economy
  • You must Change and check the oil as soon as possible in regular interval based on the decision of the expert technician
  • It is better to avoid the use of clutch while  accelerating
  • Obey the speed limit recommended with avoiding of unwanted braking and hasty acceleration helps to improve your mileage in a better way.
  • Avoid the adding of/new ffittingf Extra accessories to your bike or car


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