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How To Keep Your Teeth Healthy And Beautiful


Tips For Whitish And Attractive Teeth

Attractive TeethWhat is the most attractive thing in human face? No doubt it is the smile some one offering to us. The Two Most important things makes ones smile is much attractive is the teeth and his or her lips. So you should care your teeth well in order to smile with confidence. Not only the color of teeth determines the health status of teeth. The color, presence of carries, oral hygiene, brushing habits, food usage all these will affect your teeth and then your health status. Your teeth are important, so we are just gathering some beneficial tips to maintain your teeth health. Just try these simple tips you can own whitish and healthy teeth as of models.

  • You can avoid or reduce sweets which is sticky to teeth
  • Wash and gargle mouth with water after having sweets or any food
  • Must clean your teeth well after taking colored foods or drinks
  • Brush your teeth twice daily to prevent dental carries
  • Have juices and colored liquids with straw to avoid color change to tooth
  • Select a trusted fluoride containing toothpaste and use for white teeth
  • Avoid the habit of nail biting, may cause cracks in teeth
  • Change your tooth brush in every three months
  • Keep the brush in mild hot water to make the fibers soft
  • Choose the best brush for you, try with soft brushes
  • When you brush keep in 45 degree angle to teeth
  • Brush in a circular motion all round the mouth
  • Don’t forget to clean your tongue also with teeth
  • If you have problem like bad mouth odor try a sugar free chewing after food
  • Avoid activities like opening of bottle cork with teeth and all
  • Must clean mouth after having apple, caret, popcorn etc.
  • It is better to avoid using tooth pick, rather than try brushing without toothpaste
  • Overuse of tooth pick is unhealthy and will affect badly for gums and teeth
  • After half an hour of having your dinner just brush your teeth and go to bed
  • If you using mouthwash follow the instructions written above the bottle
  • Once in a week you can try a brushing with vinegar or baking soda to enhance whiteness
  • This will remove the bacteria and yellowish discoloration too


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