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How to Make Changes in SSLC Certificate – Correction of date of birth

How to Make Changes in SSLC Certificate

As per the vide rule 3 chapter VI of K.E.R, you can apply for the correction of date of birth in your SSLC book within a time limit 15 years from the date of leaving the school or the date of appearing for the SSLC Examination. If you are applying for this correction after the given time limit of 15 years, you have to submit an application for pardon about the delay to the Govt. Secretary, General Education Department, Govt. Secretariat, Thiruvananthapuram along with the copies of your SSLC and Birth Certificate. Here is the full steps about How to Make Changes in SSLC Certificate.

Steps for the Correction of date of birth in SSLC 

The applicant should add the full details of schools, attended by him/ her from standard 1 to x standard. Full address of each one is needed. If you are not completed the age of 18 years, your parent must sign the declaration. The HM of the school should analyse the Schools receive documents with reference to the records available in the school. Then, HM need to add the recommendation along with the application form. Application form can be downloaded from “http://keralapareekshabhavan.in/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=52&Itemid=82”

Send the application to the DEO/AEO/Joint Commissioner for Govt. Examinations, Pareeksha Bhavan, Poojappura, Thiruvananthapuram- 12. Those who do not get the SSLC certificate, should send their application form in the the concerned AEO/DEO. You have to attach a cover (size “25cm x 32cm”) and write your full address as well as affix a stamp of Rs. 42/- along with the application form for getting the Birth certificate. 

Besides, you also have to attach two covers ( size 9cm x 24cm ) and affix a stamp of Rs. 27/- on both covers. First, write this address ‘The Joint Commissioner, Office of the Commissioner for Govt. Examinations, Pareeksha Bhavan, Poojappura, Thiruvananthapuram – 12’ on one cover and next, write the address of the authority, who had issued the Birth Certificate.

If the applicant have any job, he/ she should add the full details of the job. If you are not employed, the word “unemployed” must be record. These terms are equally relevant to Govt, Semi Govt and Private firm employees. If you have received a birth certificate by recording date of birth in a Malayalam, you have to submit the certificate along with the agreement of State/District Librarian by changing it into English. 

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  • i'm from kerala,
    i want to change my house name in sslc certificate, iam a christian and i want to change LC to RC
    please help me to do it, after that only i can able to change these in aadhar.

    whom to meet? is this possible?

    waiting for your reply

  • I Want to change my date of birth in sslc certificate.I'm passed out in 2000. Please help me to do that... after that only I can able to changes in my adhar, voters I'd, passport etc