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How To Makeup for a Party From Home



Be Beautiful in Just Two Days: Makeup for a Party

Makeup for a Party is a simple and easy thing than you think. Unexpected invitation for a party is a tension raising problem for many women. You may not get enough time to go to the beauty parlor or have some beauty therapy. But if you are ready to care and make up for yourself you can be the star of the party. Anybody can Makeup for a Party perfectly in simple way with some time and patience.

Get instruction for Makeup for a Party from your home itself. If you got an invitation for a function just two days prior also you can be so cute and beautiful by trying these top party make up tips. Keep in mind not only the make of the day will not gives you complete look you need to start prepare for 1 or 2 days prior to get attention. We are giving you easy and expert tips for five areas of Makeup and beauty care. Try these simple steps and be a star among your next function.

Tips For Perfect Long Lasting Party Makeup

Clean your face well with cleanser which is suitable for your skin before make up. Apply quality tested foundation cream and compact in combination to your skin tone. Spray some water over the compact and wipe smoothly with tissue and it will magically helps in lasting your make up for hours. Apply eye makeup with eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow and mascara in sufficient amount. Apply concealer and then lip balm before applying lipstick for long lasting lip make up

Tips To Be Beautiful and Attractive Within two days

  • For Shining And Fair Skin
  • Remove pimples in two days
  • For beautiful Hair
  • Keep your Foot Smooth
  • For Attractive Eyes

For Shining And Fair Skin

If you have problem with the dry skin apply liquid soap only full over the body. Use body scrub to make skin glowing and shining. Apply body scrub during bath and wash well with lots of water. 

Remove pimples in two days

Apply an ice cube wrapped in muslin cloth and keep it over the pimple. After three minutes remove the ice cube from pimple. Muslin cloth soaked in lavender oil can keep again over the pimple for few minutes. It will removes infection due to bacteria and pimple will be fade away. 

For beautiful Hair

Before going to party on the previous night you can wash hair well with the volumising shampoo. Apply the best suitable conditioner for the shampoo also. Before starting party make up after bath make hair well dry. Separate hair into many parts and apply hair wax over the hair end. You can own shining and beautiful hair. 

Keep your Foot and hands Smooth

Your foot and hands are also important as face. Apply petroleum jelly or foot cream at night before sleep and wear soaks. It will help to keep feet smooth and beautiful. Pedicure/manicure is optional and can do if it is the regular time of doing. Apply moisturizing lotion after bath in hands and massage. Remove unnecessary hair by waxing. 

For Attractive Eyes

A Tea bag which need to boil first and then make it cool and apply over the eyes. The caffeine content in tea powder helps to remove the dark spots and tiredness. It is best treatment which allows the tissues tight, removes edema and black marks around eyes. Take bath in cold water only and pour more and more cold water over head and eyes during water. 


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