How to open SBI CSC Kiosk banking portal from Chrome Browser ?

Now a days several companies providing CSP services of various banks to public in India, SBI kiosk banking service also a leading CSP(customer service point) of State Bank of India. Zero Mass, Oxigen etc are providers and the browser for this csp service is currently set to Internet Explorer. Due to this reason, Many CSP can’t function perfectly and facing somany issues. For solving this, here a better option arrived in chrome.

IE Tab

IE Tab is a chrome extension same as internet explorer browser. You can add this extension to your chrome by open the chrome web store. After installing this extension a exe file need to be installed it will appear initial time only. Please install that exe file and you will see a internet explorer icon just upper right side of the chrome.

You can put the below link in to the new appearing web address bar and go ahead with your sbi csp services.

Any doubt, you can comment below and i will help you to configure.

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