How to Pay Road Tax Online and Register New Vehicle in Kerala: Steps and Guidelines

Here is the complete and detailed article on How to Pay Road Tax Online and Register New Vehicle in Kerala ? I have searched for the answer of this question in Google and around many sites for my personal purpose. But unfortunately i couldn’t able to found the answer from any blog or auto sites in a proper way. Then i thought why cant write the topic in detail, so it will be a useful article for those people in need. Here comes this article:- How to Pay Road Tax Online and Register New Vehicle in Kerala.

If you have recently purchased a new vehicle you have to pay the road tax to the government of Kerala as a part of the Kerala Motor Vehicles Taxation Act 1976. The law says, you have to pay a fixed amount based on the type of vehicle you own. So it is very important to get full details about How to Pay Road Tax Online and Register New Vehicle in Kerala.

Road Tax in Kerala

Recently Kerala motor vehicle department made so many changes with a view to help the peoples in Kerala. Road tax payment is one of the most important section in connection to the vehicle registration. After getting the vehicle delivered from dealer (dealer will take temporary registration of the vehicle). We need to pay road tax either by direct or by online. Here we will show you how to pay road tax and service charge online.

Important Instructions For Online Payment and Registration

While you are submitting online application make sure that the information your giving is 100% accurate and reliable. Try to avoid spelling mistakes and other mistakes in entering details to the application. Be careful and keep the point in mind that, the data once you given cant be edited in future in case of mistakes.

Always submit the proof of details and information you entered in the online form in a similar way. There should not be no contradictory details on both. Caution about the date and figures you enter and do it in a correct way. Know the correct place and location of the office you need to go to submit the application and proof of details.

Submitting of faulty and wrong information for registration is an offense and which will be punished. Always compare the details you entered and what you have on the papers and then only upload the proof and other documents. Once you submitted the documents and application in the wrong office you cant edit or get back the details from there once more.

Steps By Step Procedure to Pay Road Tax in Kerala

  • To pay the road tax in Kerala, first Log in to the Kerala motor vehicle department website. Click here to enter to the site of  Kerala motor vehicle department directly http:// keralamvd . gov . in (Need o type this web address without space)
  • You can see the home page of  Kerala motor vehicle department as we shown below in the screen shot. On the right side from the options list choose and Click on the option “E-Payment”. 
  • Now a page appears with a table. In that click “Apply Online” button near e-Pay Your Application (Net Banking).


  • After clicking on the button it will direct you to the another window. In this new page you can see various options for Registration Services and License Services.
  • You need an application number to fill this section.The application number you will be informed by the dealer at the time of new vehicle purchasing and you will receive a copy of Vehicle Data sheet in which you can found this number. A screenshot of Vehicle Data sheet given below.

Application no

  • Just click on the new Vehicle registration option from the list on the left side. Then Enter the Application Number. Which is shown below in screen shot.
  • After Entering the Application Number click on the pay now/E-receipt print button.

Important Instructions Email

  • On next page or window you will be asked to fill a valid email ID and phone number. Then select the banking option as” internet banking or debit card/credit card”.
  • Now you will be redirected to the selected bank home page, you can log in and follow the bank website instructions to pay the amount. After successful payment of money, automatically you will be redirected to the  Kerala motor vehicle department website from the bank website.

transfering dataSBI LoginBank redirection

  • Now from there you have to print the receipt of payment as a proof for further references in your future. The screenshot of the window to take print shown Below. Now you have successfully paid your road tax under the  Kerala motor vehicle department.


Note: This is the lifetime payment of road tax for your new vehicle.

How to Register a New Vehicle After Road Tax Payment

Register a New Vehicle

Documents Needed For New Vehicle Registration

  • Government of Kerala temporary certificate of registration
  • Vehicle Data sheet
  • Form 22 (You will get it from the dealers)
  • Form 21 (You will get it from the dealers)
  • Sales certificate with vehicle invoice (You will get it from the dealers)
  • Copy of insurance policy
  • Form 20 (You will get it from the bank you have taken loan)
  • Attested copy of pan card (If your vehicle cost is more than five lakhs – invoice price)
  • 2 Passport size photos
  • Attested copy of address proof (Aadhar or other ID proof)

Steps By Step Procedure For New Vehicle Registration

Road tax payment is a part of new vehicle registration. You can either contact RT Office agents or go ahead directly for registration with above mentioned documents. You will need to take the above documents and attend RT Office of your location. From RT Office, you will get one another document after showing your details to them.

chassis noTake that document and your details and contact the RT officer (Usually he will be available in ground/site of driving test conducting places) for direct checking of your vehicle. While checking, just keep one blank A4 sheet paper and a pencil (This is for recording chassis number),  Asst: Motor Vehicle Inspectors will direct you to do such.

These are the procedure for new vehicle registration. All the best.

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  1. Last one week, i am searching this through internet that i want to pay my car road tax and want to register it at RT office. One of my friend told me to do that through online because RT Office agents will ask more money i think more than thousands. So i just searched this and found your article related to the tax payment online. Now i paid my road tax through kerala motor vehicle department website by using my SBI internet banking. Today i have completed my vehicle registration also. Thanks a lot for providing these details to me.. very very helpful. Your pictorial presentation very much help me to avoid doubts while doing payment. Because my roadtax is morethan 30000 rupees so i am soo feared. Now i feel very very happy. thanks a lot era.

  2. I tried to pay tax online, but it needs that application number, where will i get it from as my vehicle is 2005 model scorpio and i dont have the first application or bill other than the RC, insurance and pollution

  3. Hi,
    Please provide the procedure on the Tax Renewal as I am not having the first application. My vehicle is Hyundai Accent CRDi (2005 model) and I am the second owner. So I don’t have the first application other than RC. Please respond.
    Thanks in Advance !!!

  4. Copy of insurance policy? But insurance requires registration number right? If we take insurance before registering in what name do we insure?

  5. I have two queries
    1. ” From RT Office, you will get one another document after showing your details to them.” – What exactly is this document?
    2. What is a tax token? How do we get it?

  6. what.. this has been designed for account holders with SBI/SBT.. what others will do for payment..
    a last example of that.. we never grow..

  7. How to Pay Road Tax Online used Vehicle in Kerala: Steps and Guidelines can u please advice me as soon as possible

  8. Hi,
    Can you please guide me on how to register in Kerala , car of physically handicapped persons with full tax exemption online. is it done through the dealer ?. How to upload copy of medical certificate ? Thanks in advance !

    • If you are moving to kerala and a plan to live here for more than one year, then first apply for change of address and re-registration. Before this you must get a NOC (No Objection Certificate). This can be obtained from the home state RTO (Delhi in your case) where the vehicle is registered.
      Re-Registration Fees (approx) for LMV (Non TPT) Rs 200 and for LMV (TPT) – Rs 300 need to pay.
      Car Registration cost in Kerala (Calicut, Cochin, Trivandrum, Thrissur etc) Approx
      Vehicle Price < 5 Lakh - 7% / Vehicle Price between 5 - 10 Lakh - 10%/ Vehicle Price > 10 Lakh, but Less than 15 Lakh – 12% / vehicle Price > 15 Lakh – 17%

  9. 2013 Innova 2.5V 8 seater car. Total Mileage on car is Twenty threee thousand only. Moving from Hyderabad to Kerala for good. How much percent of invoice i need to shell out if i have to re-register in Kerala. Is it better to sell it off in Hyderbad than paying tax in Kerala. Refund from Hyderabad seems like a distant dream?

  10. Hi,
    I have booked for a new car 5 moths above. On 29th March 2016 it has been reached at dealer shop. I have made full payment. Dealer said you will get the car in 7 days. After 7 days he said there is a new rule that we should produce Govt. attested copies of identities and photographs for vehicle registration. Do anybody have idea about such a rule? My doubt is that dealer given that vehicle to some others and delaying me. Help me please.


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