How to Protect Your Smartphone and Tablets ? 10 Tips Here

10 Ways to Protect Smartphones and Tablets



How to Protect Your Smartphone and Tablets ? 10 Tips Here

How to Protect Your Smartphone and Tablets ? 10 Tips Here. Are you carrying a smart phone or tablet which contains sensitive company data or your valuable personal information? Beware always because hackers are all around you to cause harm. If you use your Smartphone or tablet carelessly they may get a sensational data that may totally down your carrier or life.

Getting a valuable Smartphone or tablet is everyone’s dream but once you got it most of us neglecting about its care and protection. Sometimes you may don’t know how to protect your Smartphone or tablet  with care. Don’t worry we are giving you top 10 tips to make your Smartphone (android, iPhone or others) and tablets safe and long lasting.  Read the 10 ways below and follow in your daily life so you can enjoy the smart world without fear of hackers and tensions.

10 Tips to Protect Your Smart Phones and Tablets

  1. Choosing a strong password
  2. Safe and controlled connectivity
  3. Careful on line participation
  4. Selected Usage of public network
  5. Download  from trusted sites
  6. Beware of high-tech thief
  7. Protect from environmental threats
  8. Perform via remote control
  9. Take care about personal and work data
  10. extreme care with jailbreak phones

Choosing a Strong Password

Choosing a strong pass word is the simple and initial step to protect your Smartphone or tablet safely.  A stranger got hold of your smart phone accidentally or as stolen. Within minutes he will get an idea about you, your close friends, company details, and personal information if you don’t possess a strong initial screen password.

Set up a strong password composed of combination of small and capital letters, numbers etc. always choose the password which is difficult to guess for others from clues and never disclose it to anyone out of your trusted cycle. Try to change password frequently and keep it in memory too.

In iPhone’s there is a 4 digit passcode setting to turn on your device. In android phones you can choose specialized secret gesture that can drawn with fingers or you can set up passcode with letters and numbers. What is quiet annoying is you may have to enter the password repeatedly every time to turn on the phone. So it’s better you can adjust the time of re entering the password after your initial unlocking of the phone for 10 or 15 minutes.

Beware of High-Tech Thief

If you are careless it takes only a few seconds to steal your Smartphone or tablet by thief from anywhere. Careful always about where you keep your phone. Never leave a phone unattended in tables or chairs of office room or classes. Keep safely in your pockets or bags always.

Once you lost the phone inform immediately to customer care executives of concerned network provider with a request to block your SIM. If possible when you buy the phone itself take down the IMEI number (International mobile equipment identification number) which is unique for every Smartphone. Then inform to the police with this number and file FIR.

In iPhone from apple they offer free tool to track thief known as Find my iPhone. With this app you can find the location of your lost phone whenever it’s got switch on. So police can easily find the thief. Another option which enables the owner to erase all data remotely provided in iPhone. In android phones free look out apps and will help to locate where your device is.

Download From Trusted Sites

You have to look out carefully for malware during your downloading sections. Toll fraud like malware in android phones cause extra phone bill after its attack. So download always from trusted store or sites. There may be offering of free apps and games without limit from most of the sites. But you take care while down loading such apps. We can’t tell an app is infected with virus or not by just looking.

Most of them once get in to your phone steal your personal and professional details and totally harm your smart phone. More open nature of android smart phones and tablet is at risk comparing with the iPhone’s from apple. Apple carefully manages their app store to avoid unwanted malware. The lookout app for android also scans and removes harmful apps before downloading.

Safe and Controlled Connectivity

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other wireless connectivity settings are most useful modes of data transfer and the same time high risky if you don’t use it in a safe manner. Always turn off your wireless connectivity apps and setting when you are not in need, especially in public. These setting may automatically connect with open or public network causing leakage of your precious data.

Keep your Bluetooth safe by giving specific name rather than the model number of phone to avoid accidental mischance of data with someone having same Bluetooth device name. Turn off specially when you are calling or entering sensitive details to your Smartphone or tablet.

Careful Online Participation

Be online and enjoy via smart social networks but take concern about your privacy too. When you are in online there may lots off free app and games invitation.  Before participating ensure the site or app from a trusted supplier.  While handling with your emails don’t open email if you don’t know the sender.

if any known sender ask you for your sensitive information go to their official website or manage via telephone with trusted ones in business. Don’t answer text messages that ask for your personal information. Here you can contact the sender first via other methods. Always delete spam messages and mails without an attempt to answer it. Online banking and online shopping carry out always with good care. Keep your all passwords in a safe manner.

Selected Usage of public Network

With the introduction of open Wi-Fi and other wireless connectivity method for acquiring public network, connectivity made very easier and at the same time rate of risk of leaking sensitive data increasing further. Be carefully about what you do in public.

You may like to participate in open networks and hotspots. But before check whether the network is safe and genuine for your Smartphone or tablet. And never access a public network for your online banking or secret company data transferring.

Protect from Environmental Threats

With the installation of anti-theft apps and software your internal of Smartphone or tablet will be safe up to an extent. Why can’t you care a little about its external also? Your new Smartphone or tablet will look smart and stylish if you handle with care. Never expose your phone to extremes of environmental conditions. Avoid exposing to over heat or cold.

Beware of keeping over a electromagnetic field like near to the working electric equipment (TV, computer, MRI, CT, X-ray machines etc). If possible choose an attractive back cover for your Smartphone or tablet so once it falls down don’t cause harm to its processor. Try for a good screen guard to protect screen from dust, water, oil etc. just wipe with soft cotton if you feel to clean the phone. In case of accidental water immersion take out and give it to the company executives as earlier is better.

Perform via Remote Control

Once you lost your Smartphone or tablet with sensitive company and personal data. You can try via police and look out apps for finding out the phone. But a good hacker can easily break your password after connecting it to the computer and can collect all data. So once your are highly concerned about protecting of such data you can control your Smartphone with remote control if all else fails.

You should have a remote wipe app to ensure the process so you can wipe out all details from the phone instantly without risk. Be caution some phones do not have a recovering option of data once you wiped it. Well known smart phones like apple iphone’s and Samsung galaxy s III offers these feature.

Take Care About Personal and Work Data

Your Smartphone or tablet may contain lots of personal and professional details that are very sensitive. It takes only few seconds to lose such data if you are careless in connectivity or keeping phone on safe place. Such a bad incident may destroy your career and life. So follow all the protective measures for leaking of data and even if you lost the phones. Keep your data password locked and well protected .Prevention is always good with your Smartphone or tablet to avoid future problems.

Extreme Care with Jailbreak Phones

jailbreak phones offers the jail breaking process which helps to remove the limitations on some mobile phones thus allow the use of unauthorized software and apps free of cost sometimes. But at the same time it is having high risk since it is opening your device and chance of leaking sensitive data to the hackers. Infected apps may also harm your phones from jail breaking. So caution while you are handling with jailbreak phones.

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