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How To Purchase and Use Shoes in Best Way


Tips For Selection And Use Of New Shoes 

New Shoes

Selection and daily use of shoes require a lot of things. If you are going to buy a new shoe you should consider some things before paying the bill. Shoes are not at all healthy to wear in Indian climate. But well made and natural shoes are protecting our foot from a lot of problems. leather material is the best option if your planning to buy shoe, and select one of the trusted brand rather than cheap materials.

Soaks using along with the shoes should be made from the finest cotton clothes. You may have to wear a shoes daily or as a part of some functions.  If you are a girl or boy the shoes you wearing must be with quality. It is better to take care about the health of your foot too. Read these simple steps and practice so you can keep your foot as beautiful as your hands.

Tips to Buy The Perfect Fitted Shoes

  • The perfect size of a shoes can be measured in a way that wen you try a new shoes there should be some distance between the fingers of foot to keep your foot not congested inside it
  • Take the measurement of your foot when you are standing, it will be right size if you are asking somebody to buy a shoes for you
  • Keep in mind that usually one foot will be slightly vary in length and size than others so always choose a shoes which is best suited for both foot
  • The size of shoes will be differ based on the company and manufacturer, so always try trail with the shoes before buying it
  • In the noon time the foot will be best in size and measurement so you can buy shoes with perfect size at that time
  • Before buying just try walking with the shoes and if you are comfortable only buy the shoes, other wise it will be a waste
  • If you feel pain or discomfort while wearing a new shoes better t avoid that to eliminate further problems
  • It is always better to choose shoes made from leather or natural material, it will be good to the skin too

Try These Things In Daily Wearing 

  • The shoes should not be too tight or too loose for a comfortable walking
  • Ensure the skin get enough air circulation inside it
  • Using of soaks can be reduced and choose the soaks in necessary situations only
  • If your shoes get wet try mild dry heat to make the shoes dry
  • Please avoid repeat wearing of wet and shoes with moisture content
  • In a week keep the shoes in good sunlight and remove dust with the cotton cloth
  • Washable shoes can be better to wash using mild hot water and shampoo and keep under sunlight to make dry
  • If you have some skin problems/fungal issues better to avoid shoes and wear open sandals
  • Remove shoes and soaks as soon as reached home and wash well in cool water
  • Those wearing shoes continually should apply some moisturizing lotion/cream over foot to prevent dryness
  • If you job strictly needs wearing of shoes and you have problems with the shoes you can obtain a medical certificate from doctor in order to avoid wearing of shoes


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