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How to Stay Cool at Summer – 10 Tips


How to Stay Cool at Summer – 10 Tips

During the summer season many of you can’t survive without using air conditioners. There are so many heat-related illnesses, ranging from heat cramps to heat exhaustion. Some may experience dangerous heat stroke also. Here we are introducing an article about how to stay cool at summer. Just try this 10 tips. These tips are very effective and followed by many people. Most of the tips are also helping to decrease the electric bill and keep you cool. If you are searching for a tip to stay cool at summer, check out our list.

1. Limit the use of your AC

During the summer season, the people are using AC to cool the air inside their room. This is an expensive remedy. So instead of this, you have to follow another economical solution. Place your fan near your windows. This can better move cool air through your home. Besides, the fan requires less energy.

2. Reduce Direct Sunlight Inside Home

You have to keep the sunlight away from the home. During the summer season, sunlight will come inside the home more easily. This will increase the temperature of your room. So you need to use window shades, blinds or drapes. Planting a large tree is one of the best solution to decrease the heat. The window coverings with white surfaces facing outdoors will cool your room.

3. Drink Plenty of Fluids

If you want to stay hydrated during this season, you must drink plenty of fluids like water, juice etc. Some fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, tomatoes, cucumber etc. contains a high percentage of water. The children have to drink from 4 to 11 cups of total water and an adult must drink from 9 to 13 cups of total water daily. Avoid coffee and colas, which will increase the metabolic heat in the body.

4. Avoid big meals

During the summer, you have to avoid the habit of eating too much, because the process of digestion needs lots of energy. This process will generate your body heat and make you feel hotter. Another thing is you must avoid foods that are containing high protein. You need to eat less spicy food like curries and chillies. It can help you cool the body by lowering your temperature even while heating up your mouth.

5. Avoid alcohol and sugary drinks

You should avoid Soda (Regular or Diet), wine coolers, beer, lemonade and fruit juices, sweetened teas, energy drinks etc. These kind of drinks will dehydrate the body. Besides, it will cause you to lose more body fluid. Generally, alcohol will lower your body’s ability to tolerate heat. If you drink it, you must always eat food to slow down the effects of alcohol.

6. Use a herbal remedy

Some of the herbs have special affinities for all sorts of ailments. They contain cooling qualities, which can help you to fight the heat when eaten or when used on the skin. Besides, they also include energetic properties. Peach is considered as an aromatic herb, which is both tasty as well as effective. You can experience moistness, coolness etc. by biting a nice ripe peach.

7. Put ice in front of your fan

You can cool the room without AC by using an electric floor fan with a bowl full of ice. First, you have to fill a mixing bowl with ice and put it in front of the fan to help you circulate the cooler air. The fan will blow air over the ice. This process will keep you cool. This solution will work well. It can help you to beat the most insufferable heat wave.

8. Paint your roof

Some people say that, the cool roof paint will keep the house cool. A cool roof is used to maintain a lower surface temperature in bright sunshine. Paint your terrace and roof white to reflect heat. But sun-reflective white paints were very expensive. So painting the roof white with the lime powder is a budget option. It works well. This pain will reduce the heat in our house.

9. Lie on the floor

When you feel hot, you need to lie on the floor. This is one of the best solution to quick cool down. The hot air will rises and keep your body cool. By doing this, you will become relaxed. This is a comfortable remedy. Most of the people are following this tip.

10. Choose cotton

During the summer, people are using lightweight, light-coloured cotton dress to wear, because this cloth will reduce the hot and keep you cool. It absorbs perspiration. This cloth will discourage the growth of bacteria and yeast. Light-colored cotton bed linens are both breathable as well as good for promoting ventilation and airflow in the room.


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