How to Transfer Money From Vodafone to Vodafone Mobile

Transfer Money From Vodafone to Vodafone Mobile – Simple Steps

Quick Money transfer is a useful feature when there is an urgent need. Do you know How to Transfer Money From Vodafone to Vodafone Mobile ? Vodafone is now introducing Balance transferring option which allows to send money to friends instantly debiting from your existing balance. For transferring balance the only thing the donor has to do is, dial the number *131*<MRP>*<Receiver number>#. Check below for complete details. 


Basic things to be remembered before transaction period

  • Enter any Amount between from 5 Rs(lower limit) and 30 Rs (upper limit)
  • You are allowed to transfer money to the same number only once in a day
  • Make Sure you enter the Valid 10 digit Mobile Number of your Friend (Cross Check Twice)
  • Play safe with *131*Amount*FriendMobileNumber# , Your crazy  Friend could grab your Phone and send all your money to his Number

Instructions to Transfer Money From Vodafone to Vodafone Mobile

  • Service is only available between Vodafone to Vodafone numbers, excluding Retailer numbers.
  • Both donor as well as the receiver mobile numbers should be active on the Vodafone network.
  • The donor should have been active in Vodafone network for at least 90 days.
  • A subscriber should have at least completed 30 days in Vodafone network to be able to receive balance.
  • A subscriber would be able to send balance once a day and receive balance up to three times a day.

The processing fees required for one transaction is as follows:

Amt Transferred to Requestor Processing Fee Total Amount Deducted from donor
          Rs. 5         Rs. 1           Rs.6
          Rs. 12         Rs. 3           Rs.15
          Rs. 26         Rs. 4           Rs.30

For requesting balance the requester has to dial *132*<MRP>*<Donor number>#. No charge’s apply for requesting balance; a request can be sent any number of times in a day.For receiving balance by the subscriber, the donor must reciprocate with a *131*<MRP>*<Receiver number>#.

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