How to Use Solar Instead of Diesel – Replacing Diesel with Solar



Most of them ask us about How to Use Solar Instead of Diesel ? With the use of well affordable techniques, that focus on using of solar energy in an effective way, you can perfectly Replace Diesel with Solar and bring more success and profit to your business. You should choose solar, If you are planning  to save on diesel by moving to captive solar power. There should be guaranteed profit from substituting diesel with solar. 

People have benefit of incentives for Replacing Diesel with Solar. Get full details about the Government incentives and regulations. Issues and concerns like need of own PV plant,  key vendors providing captive solar PV plants in India, costs and financial returns,  incentives for setting up captive solar PV plants and  issues in using solar power are discussed here. 

Why you should replace Diesel with Solar ?  

Solar is the best available clean energy. There is much cheaper Captive solar power costs just Rs. 7-8.5/kWh Power from Diesel generators costs Rs. 16/kWh. This is really economical too. Using Diesel generators may cost even higher once there is losses from pilferage, evaporation, etc.

For the working of rural telecom towers, a diesel power can cost as much as Rs. 40/kWh. The cost is really high comparing with solar energy cost. Diesel fuel cost keeps on increasing day by day. You may surprised to hear that the price increased, 300% since 2002 and 46% since 2010.

In this manner, if the price increases by 10% a year diesel would cost very high and the power from diesel would be not affordable. In reality Captive solar power is much cheaper than diesel. You need to pay for the plant installation. Once the plant is installed the cost of power is fixed for the next 25 years. This is unlike diesel power where the cost keeps increasing. 

Costs and Financial Returns From Replacing Diesel with Solar

Cost break up of a 100 kW solar captive system – without batteries

  • PV modules Inverters (grid tie)
  • Balance of System (transformers, cables and wires, tracking devices, etc.)
  • Installation (civil & general works)


Issues When Replacing Diesel with Solar ?

You have to consider several critical aspects of using solar power in India when solar energy replaces diesel. First, you have make sure about “wheather solar energy generate power during power cuts”? “Is there any need of  fully Replacing Diesel with Solar power”? “What are the possible  issues in using solar power”? “

Is there any incentives available for setting up captive solar PV plants”?You should also be aware of costs involved and financial returns from Replacing Diesel with Solar. Before purchasing and installing you should have an idea about  key vendors providing captive solar PV plants in India. People should consider about the need of own PV plant too. 

Solar energy is Capable of Generating Power During Power Cuts?

This is a main concern for many people. Most of them have the doubt regarding, ability to generate solar energy during power cuts. The answer is really surprising and many of them don’t know this reality. Not all solar PV plants can generate power during power cuts. You may have to use use some batteries to provide backup power when solar power is not available. You have three kinds of PV plants available to purchase. 

  1. Grid-tied
  2. Grid-interactive
  3. Off-grid

Replacing the Entire Diesel Consumption with Solar Power

You can consider replacing your entire diesel consumption with solar, or only a part of this can be replaced with solar power. The choice depends upon several factors. The extent of rooftop space available, nature and schedule of the load, timing of power cuts etc.

You must consider each of these factors on substituting diesel with solar. If the consideration is not good, Sufficient solar power cannot be generated to support the entire load and you may have pay more. During power cuts you can go for diesel consumption.

Possible Problems in using solar power

The most important issue is the availability of solar energy. The sun is not always shining to the same extent on the panels. This is the main issue while integrating solar power with diesel. This will cause Frequency synchronisation, Reverse current flows, Efficiency loss etc. 

Incentives offered for setting up captive solar PV plants

  • Accelerated depreciation
  • Subsidies
  • Renewable Energy Certificates

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