Home Informations is Whatsapp Safe for your Photos, Chats and Videos?

is Whatsapp Safe for your Photos, Chats and Videos?


is Whatsapp Safe for your Photos, Chats and Videos

is Whatsapp Safe for your Photos, Chats and Videos? Many of them asks the question and have doubts regarding this. Sharing personal details on WhatsApp is not safe. Those People who have your number and whom you don’t know can stalk you,save your profile pics plus know your current update. 

According to official whatsapp source “WhatsApp communication between your phone and our server is encrypted. Even though data sent through our app is encrypted, remember that if your phone or your friend’s phone is being used by someone else, it may be possible for them to read your WhatsApp messages. Please be aware of who has physical access to your phone.”

The reality about the issue is, when WhatsApp using on an Android phone, you should be careful about what you talk about or share. This instant messaging app can be easily traced by Using a few scripts and a rogue app. So anyone can peer into your chat logs and see what you talk about with your friends.

is Whatsapp Safe for your Photos, Chats and Videos

Even though the WhatsApp chat logs saved on the SD card of an Android phone can be read by other apps. It is proved by a Dutch security consultant. This happens because of the way Android allows sharing of data between apps. This problem doesn’t exist on iPhones or Windows Phone devices because on these devices, apps have limited access to storage and other phone hardware.

How to Care while using WhatsApp? 

1. At present WhatsApp does not have an option to lock the app. So for this, you can use any of the best available application which do so. The application should choose with care and use properly. 

2. Appearing Whatsapp photos in common gallery in your phone is the same problem. The nature of photos downloading each time when the internet is on, is not predictable. So use a third party file application for android users. iPhone have special privacy option for this issue. 

3. Turn of the “last seen” option by controlling profile setting. Otherwise this enables persons in your list to know each and every move about you. 

4. Control viewing of your profile picture. Anyone can download this at anytime. Go to privacy menu and set as “contact only. 

is Whatsapp Safe for your Photos, Chats and Videos

5. Check the Whatsapp messages carefully and Be safe from harm as this is a complete free application. 

6. If you lost your phone, just deactivate Whatsapp as soon as possible. Use duplicate SIM for this purpose. 

7. Always better to avoid communication with personal, financial and other things in secretive nature. 

8. Latest launched Whatsapp desktop version is also must handle with care. When you end the activity don’t forget to log off. 


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