JavaScript Virus Effected in Tumblr Blogging Site


JavaScript virus has been a killing factor which has entered into the accounts of  Tumblr blogging service and has made the company engineers to halt the posts due to malware spread in the site. Tumblr users has found vicious post which has been automatically uploaded in their account with the time being logged. Tumbler has suggested with two sentences to twitter about the attack that the racial message is not spread entirely.

The company regretted about the inconvenience created by the viral post attack. HTML (hypertext markup language) consists of large blocks of Java script which assures as security filter to Tumblr. It acts as a re blogging feature, if anyone logs into Tumblr would automatically re blog the post if they has opened such pages. The group of malcontents trolls are responsible for the post being adapted by virus. The virus doesn’t harm by creating drive-by attack or use Java script to create logic bomb.

Tumblr has made programs to prevent attack but Java script lacked . An online service specially eliminates other site to access it’s accounts through Java script but the Base 64 has appeared to bypass tumblers security. The company has released the posting of service in order to slow down the virus. Earlier Facebook and Twitter faced such problems. There are a millions of ways to cheat Java script but we can’t stop them at all.It has been a growing pressure in the media site.

Twitter was also been came under the virus web which climbed from one account to another as similar to Tumblr virus. Facebook also shares  infamous koobface virus which infects users systems with deadly codes. Tumblr has almost apologized for the disturbance. The company said that there is no need for taking further action as they ensure that such type of abuses will not happen again.

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