Kerala Police e Payment Service – Check your Vehicle’s Current Traffic Penalties or Fine


Have to heard about the Kerala Police e Payment Service ? With the support of this facility you can simply Check your Vehicle’s Current Traffic Penalties or Fine anywhere in kerala. Online checking of your Vehicle’s Current Traffic Penalties or Fine allows you to pay the amount through the e Payment Service and thus saves time and other legal complications.

Kerala Police e Payment Service is a highly beneficial option for public. You can visit the  Kerala Police Department Online Payment page Simply enter your Vehicle Number and click Search. You can also Select the charges you want to pay. Then click Proceed to Pay with net banking/debit card. 


Instructions for Online Payment

Step 1.

Enter Kerala Police Department Online Payment official website by typing the following address – Enter Vehicle Number and Then click the button “Submit”. The list Of Unpaid Charge  will be displayed.

Step 2.

Select the Charge memos you want to make payment and click the button “Proceed To Pay”. Then you can see a Message Box will appear and click “Ok‟ to Continue

Step 3.

Now you can Select Mode of Payment you want. If you select Internet Banking  > Select Bank , Then Click the button “Make Payment”. You will be directed to Bank website. Enter Needed details there.

If you Select Debit Cards >Select Debit Card > Select Card Type > Debit Card Number > Debit Card Holder Name > Debit Card Expiry Date > Security Code. Then Click on “Make Payment” Button. You will be directed to the Bank website. 

Step 4.

Once you given all Necessary details you will be redirected to a new windows where You can see the transaction Status (Success OR Failure) there.

Step 5.

You can take the print out of the transaction by clicking “Generate Invoice” button. This receipt is for future reference. Then you will get the e-payment receipt.


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