kerala Police e-Payment Process – Steps and Complete Details – Traffic Penalties payment

Want to check your traffic penalties of the vehicle, no need to wait. You can now check your traffic penalties and pay the money in a fraction of seconds. The government of Kerala has introduced a website for the online payment of the traffic penalties drawn by the police when you drive, over speed, without helmet, parking wrong side, etc. If you have any penalty due to any of this problem, then don’t wait to get a notice. Just check Kerala police e-payment service portal

“”. Steps to check your traffic penalties are,

police 1

Step 1:

Go to the Kerala police department online payment site

“”. Here you will get a search box. Enter the vehicle number in the box and click on “Search” button.

Step 2:

Now you will get a table that contain the details about the offence one by one. Select the charge memos you want to make payment and click “Proceed to Pay” button. A message box will appear and click “Ok” to Continue.

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Step 3:

Select mode of payment from credit cards, internet banking, debit cards and wallet/ cash cards. If you selected internet banking, select bank and click on “Make Payment”. Now you will be directed to bank website.

If you selected debit cards as mode of payment, then you need to enter Select Debit Card, Select Card Type, Debit Card Number, Debit Card Holder Name, Debit Card Expiry Date and Security Code. Now click “Make Payment” and the site will be automatically redirected to bank website.

Step 4:

Successful completion of these things will leads you to screen that will show you the transaction status. If the transaction status is “Success” then it will show you the transaction details.

Step 5:

Click on the “Generate Invoice” button to get the print-out of the transaction. Next you will get the receipt of the bill payment. This receipt can be used for future references. 

Kindly note that if your vehicle don’t have any penalties, then a display will occur after typing and submit your vehicle number in portal that “No pending charge memo for corresponding vehicle No.” If this showing in screen, then you are safe. you dont have any pending charge memos. site is designed by keltron, a leading government owned company, so the site is safe and very secure to use. If you are facing difficulties to make payment, you can comment here and we will happy to help you at any time. Thanks.

About Kerala Traffic Police

Inspector General of Police (Traffic) is responsible for ensuring better traffic enforcement and for enforcement of laws relating to traffic safety in Kerala.They are responsible for the general management and co-ordination of Preventive Highway Patrolling on all National and State Highway. Superintendent of Police (Traffic) North Zone & Superintendent of Police (Traffic), South Zone responsible for ensuring better traffic enforcement. 

Specialized Activities includes Traffic Training in Institutes outside the state, Traffic training for officers and personnel at Kerala Police Academy, Audio Visual Publicity of Road Safety Messages and Introduction of Pelican Crossing System in front of schools. Some preparatory steps were taken initiated by Kerala police includes Identification of Accident Spots, monitoring with Specialized Enforcement Equipment, Special drives to make sure the habit of safe driving among the public and reduction of accidents. 

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