Lamborghini’s new concept car – Terzo Millennio : Everything You Should Know About this


The luxury car brand Lamborghini and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, America ready to unveil the high end sports cars for the future. They have two separate labs at MIT and has funded the projects themselves.

Here is Everything You Should Know About Lamborghini’s new concept car. They have showcased a new design concept electric car called the Terzo Millennio. The Terzo Millennio concept car made out of carbon fibre.

There are special sensors that allow the car to monitor its own structural integrity. This is capable of detecting damage and cracks in the bodywork. The car said to have the ability to ‘self-heal’. This is accomplished with the use of various chemicals in the micro-channels of the carbon-fibre bodywork.

The lack of a traditional four-wheel-drive powertrain has seen Lamborghini design the concept with a larger focus on aerodynamics. This area, along with the sound of the car, requires further development.

These cars are expected to be packed with super-powered batteries and be able to repair themselves. It is unveiled at the EmTech conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The “technological goal of the project” is based on energy storage, materials, propulsion, design and emotion.

The main aim to build this kind of car is to remove conventional batteries used in electric cars to supercapacitors. Presently lithium-ion batteries are using in electric cars. This takes time and needs repeated recharges. So use of supercapacitors can offer fast and intense energy needed to power a supercar.

Another suggestion is that these supercapacitors will be made out of carbon fibre panels. This is also good to use with the body of the vehicle so that the car can draw energy from its own body.


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