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Lamit Group (Tiles, Sanitary Ware, Roof and Pool Products) – Complete Information

Lamit Group (Tiles, Sanitary Ware, Roof and Pool Products) – Complete Information

Lamit Group is the one of the fast growing commercial company of the world. It is the leading manufacturer and exporter of global services including ceramic roof, tiles sanitary and natural cladding stones. Managing director & CEO of Lamit group is Musthaqueem K and the chairman is Ajmal V. It is a Dubai based company and currently present in India, China and other countries in the Middle East.


It is one of the largest selling designer tiles company specialized in high-quality wall tiles, floor tiles, bath room tiles and kitchen tiles with a wide variety of sizes and latest collection designs. The company is located in Manjery, Malapuram District.


They are the largest supplier of sanitary ware products with a wide collection of premium sanitary ware models. Company located in Manjery and Kuttooli in Malapuram district.


It offers two best technologies in the world, an eclectic blend of old world charm and cutting-edge technology. Designer LAMITROOF roof tiles offer a wide variety of colors and styles at attractive prices. Its company located in Ernakulam.

Features of LAMIT ROOF

  • Good density
  • Sound stability
  • Good thermo-insulation ability


Products of LAMIT POOL are  LAMITPOOL White Platinum (3 Layer), LAMITPOOL Diamond (4 Layer), LAMITPOOL Gold, LAMITPOOL Platinum (3 Layer), LAMITPOOL Gold, LAMITPOOL Ivory Diamond (4 Layer), LAMITPOOL Blue Diamond (4 Layer),  etc.

Features of LAMIT POOL

  • Hygienic
  • Stronger
  • UV Resistance
  • Food Grade
  • Plumbing Facilities
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