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List of leading and best social network websites makes changes in the world.

The Influx of social networking site has been catching like fire across the world. So it is important to know the Leading social networking websites in world. Social networking site is an online service that builds social relation among the people for sharing real life connections , related activities,interests etc. It really expands large number of people and also helps in meeting  friends’ friends, their friends’ friends.

Almost it connects people all over the world. So choose the best Leading social networking websites for your relations. Social networking site shares ideas,events,interests within their own personal network. It helps to interact the users over the internet by means of e-mail and other interacting medias. The basic 10 social networking site I had sorted out are as follows. They are categorized according to general purpose, particular theme.


1. Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg’s is the founder of  “Facebook”. It was exhibited on 2006. Facebook is an online social networking site which allows the peers to create their own individual profiles also used to search friends and also creating mutual ties among them. Facebook allows to write comments, share photos with friends. Besides these ,it also allows to see what your friends and their family have posted on their wall.

Wall can be also used for posting photos. Facebook can be used for playing games.Facebook also allows chatting with friends and family on online. It is place for meeting your older friends and get aback in older relation. Facebook is one of the popular website across the globe. Facebook has almost 1 billion users. Total number of users are 500,000,000+. Minimum age to join Facebook is 13 years.

The site has some of the basic features like photo uploading, private message sending,public message posting,video uploading. The networking features include file sharing,instant messaging, multi-user games,private games,real time updates from other users. Searching features consists of filtering, live search results, search suggestions. while searching options includes Email address, interests,keywords,locations,name,online now,school. The average monthly visitors of Facebook are 960,000,000.



WhatsApp Messenger is a simple, reliable and secure messaging and calling app that was funded by Jan Koum and Brian Acton (former employees of Yahoo!) in 2009. There are more than 1 billion people in over 180 countries use WhatsApp to support sending and receiving of various media such as text, photos, videos, documents, and location, as well as voice calls. WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in February 2014 for approximately US$19.3 billion. This messaging app can be used by Mac/PC, Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Nokia. 

2. Twitter


Twitter is the online service site by which user can create profile by filling detailed information. It also has the same features as per Facebook it keeps friends and family in close relation .Twitter is a social messenger.Twitter allows in finding quick answers, micro blogging playing games,finding a job, suggestions by the people about the latest movie, politics updates, upto date tack news.

The website gets 310,000,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors. Twitter  account allows to receive messages,service to post,send Short Message Service (SMS) text messages with the help of 140 charters. Twitter boasts about half billion total users consisting 170 million actively tweeters. 


3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional network. It is a business oriented social networking site. This site allows to search jobs and fill job vacancies. It is an ideal site for job seekers.Unlike other social sites it does not create friends,share photos,videos and music.

It is started by registering  your personal information or by providing profile related to education, job specifications.  LinkedIn provides recommendations from co-workers and bosses. LinkedIn is an ideal platform for the members to collaborate with topics related to projects. It has over 175 million users. number of users 100,000,000+. Search options – Email address,interests,keywords,name.

4. MySpace

MySpace is a social networking site . first of all you have to register in the MySpace by creating your profile. After that friends are being invited to adjoin and we can search on these friends in Myspace . All these friends will become your friend in the initial Friend space provided in the MySpace. MySpace allows you to upload photos,videos and thereby viewing profiles and also to add friends. It also discovers new brands, filmmakers.

The number of users in MySpace is about 100,000,000+. The minimum age to join MySpace is 13. MySpace is featured with photo uploading,private message sending, public message posting,video uploading. Networking features consists of file sharing,private messaging. The average monthly users are about 31,000,000.

5. Friendster

Friendster is a leading online social networking site. it was conceived by Jonathan Abrams and was launched in 2002. it has about 110 million users worldwide. It keeps close relations among friends, people can stay in touch with friends. It can be easily connected,easy to use. Every friend can connect through www.friendster.com and m.friendster.com. The average monthly users is about 510,000. Total number of users are 100,000,000+. Minimum age required is 18.

The site is featured with photo uploading,private message sending,public message posting,video uploading. The networking features includes file sharing,instant messaging, multi user games,private messages,real time updates from other users. Friendster users get interacted thorough message posts, games, blogs and application sharing, and share your details with the Internet community.

6. Bebo

Bebo considered as second best social networking service site. It allows to create site freely, a free account can be created,photo can be uploaded, videos and information can be gathered. Like Facebook it also helps to connect old friends and also new friends by the use of unique user interface. It is collaborated with community, self expression,entertainment which leads you to create,discover and share contents in a new way.

It has almost all sites across the world including the United States, Australia, Canada, Poland, France and Germany. The average monthly user consists upto 1,100,000. minimum age is 13. The site has got up with features like photo uploading,video uploading. the networking feature consists of instant messaging.

7. Hi5

Hi5 is the fastest growing network site in the world. Hi5 is based to SanFransisco. It allows to create online communities. It has 60 million members from 200 countries. It is one of the major site with entertainment and gaming options. It is one of the popular site in Mexico and America. It allows to create profiles, share photos and send messages.

8. Orkut

Orkut is social site which helps in creating relationships more thicker and close with pictures and  messages. It is one of the easiest media for sharing hobbies,interests,romantic connections. It aslo provides site for discussing current events, and also connecting older relationships . The average monthly user is about 45,000,000. Minimum age for becoming a member in orkut is 18 years. The site is featured with photo uploading,private message sending,public message posting,video uploads.  It ranks 66 million among the key social sites.  It is the social site owned by Google.

9. BlackPlanet

BlackPlanet basically oriented with music,jobs,chats,photos. The site is featured with photo uploading,private message sending,public message posting,video uploading. The total number of users are 10,000,000-100,000,000. It is designed for  African-American professionals to network. It is initiated with Web 2.0. All the viewers can read blogs, watch music videos, chat with one another, look for new careers and discuss news. It is said that BlackPlanet site supported Obama in connecting about 200,000 potential supporters.

10. Flixster

Flixter is a social networking site for movie fans. It is a site for watching movies.It has almost 15 million visitors . The average monthly user is about 7,500,000. Minimum age required to join is 13. The site is featured with photo uploading,private message sending,public message posting,video uploading. Flixter.com also allows to operate movies on Facebook, MySpace, iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry. It provides latest news about latest movies.


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