Lenovo’s Pocket Projector Announced for $249

Lenovo's Pocket Projector Announced for $249

The All new Lenovo Pocket Projector blows up your smartphone screen to 110″ with a 50-lumen shine. Lenovo’s Pocket Projector is an affordable way to pump videos to your wall (or ceiling). This is a good option for both the kids’ play room or the boss’ boardroom. The device assures quick, easy and affordable way to up-size videos for group viewing.

Lenovo’s Pocket Projector measures  4 inches by 4 inches and about an inch thick. It is powered by a microUSB and battery offers about 2.5 hours of playback. There is Stereo speakers on either side of the projector. You can also use the 3.5 mm audio jack to get the sound into something bigger.  DLNA and Miracast support is available for Lenovo’s Pocket Projector.

Without a phone, slap in an SD card with up to 32GB of storage space. On measurement, the device is not exactly be a comfortable fit in the pocket. But it’s substantially smaller than the standard projector.  Along with a couple of new smartphones and tablets, Lenovo leading the CES 2015.

Lenovo’s Pocket Projector work with Android, Windows 8.1 and compatible iOS apps as well. The device can be adjusted manually, as it can be kept in  either at an angle (the lens will correct for that) or all the way to vertical, for watching movies on the ceiling, perhaps.

Lenovo’s Pocket Projector is a perfect 50-lumen projector which will throw the 480p images up to 110 inches wide. For projecting, just plug it in to your phone with a MicroUSB cable or wirelessly through DLNA or Miracast. The device expected to be available for $249 and  will be available later this month.

Lenovo’s Pocket Projector Price: $249


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