Mahindra Duro DZ Review, Specifications and Price in India

Mahindra Duro DZ Features and Price

Mahindra Duro DZ Scooter Review

Mahindra’s  new scooter Mahindra Duro DZ is a 125cc scooter with powerful engine. Even though the scooter launched in previous year still the market demand for it is really good. The quality offered from the Mahindra with unfailing engine, sporty graphics, large wheel base.

It also gets large under seat space makes this scooter people friendly. Main attractive feature of this one is self and kick start and it runs without gear (automatic). In terms of appearance it really won the hearts of youth with stylish and sporty graphics on the colorful body.

Hot features of Mahindra duro 125 DZ

  • 124.6cc 4-stroke petrol engine
  • 155mm ground clearance
  • 53kmpl mileage
  • Telescopic Front Suspension
  • large wheel base
  • large under seat space
  • Bright Halogen Headlight
  • sporty graphics

Engine Performance and Mileage

Mahindra Duro DZ 125cc scooter powered by 124.6cc 4-stroke petrol engine capable to produce power of 8 Bhp at 7000 rpm and torque of 9 Nm at 5500 rpm. 80 kmph is the offered top speed. Acceleration and pick up is really good allows you a smooth and safety drive.

Quality is the trade mark of Mahindra so, you may have no chance to disappoint future. 56.25kmpl mileage is offering from company in highway and in city the mileage is 50kmpl. If you want to choose a perfect mileage offered and powerful scooter for day to day usage, then choose it.

Comfort and Safety on ride

With added features on this bike you can enjoy a comfortable and safety drive on roads. The scooter gets Large wheel base, front telescopic and rear hydraulic suspension, good braking system, large headlamp etc. There is also rear brake’s lock lever all these ensures your safety always.

You have large storage space(20litres)  under the seat too. This 2 seater scooter also features extra-large fuel tank, Maintenance Free battery, 1270.00 mm wheel base, stand alarm, alloys, passenger foot rest, Low Fuel Indicator, Step-up Seat etc. Mahindra Duro DZ 125cc available in 7 colour shades.

Mahindra Duro DZ Available Colors

  • Mystique Gray
  • Royal Purple
  • Derby Red
  • Supreme Silver
  • Pearl White
  • Fiery Black
  • Cappucino Brown

Mahindra Duro DZ New Scooter Full Technical Specifications

Features of the model of scooter Mahindra Duro DZ Scooter
Displacement 124.66 CC
Engine 4 stroke engine,
Max power 10.87 Bhp @ 7000 rpm
Max torque 9 Nm at 5500 rpm
Fuel consumption(high way) 56.25kmpl
Fuel consumption(city) 50kmpl
transmission Automatic/gearless
Top speed 80kmph
Seating capacity 2
suspension Front: telescopicRear: hydraulic
Start type Kick start and electric start
Fuel Reserve Capacity 1.5 liters
Fuel tank 6.5 litres
battery Electric Start 12V / 5Ah
Stroke 57.8 mm
Speedometer Digital/ Analog
Brakes Front drum
Breaks (rear) Rear drum
Head Lamp 12 v 35w/35w – Halogen
Tail Lamp LED
Wheels Alloy
Weight 114 Kilograms
Dimension( length x height x width) 1814mm x 1275mm x 770mm
Wheel base 1270mm
Storage space 20litres
fueling Under seat

Mahindra Duro DZ Ex-showroom Price in Delhi: Rs. 47,200/- (Ex-Showroom)

*This model has been Discontinued


  1. I own a duro dz & I commute for almost 50 kms everyday. The reason I like duro dz is for the comfort levels and mileage is impressive.

  2. Hello,
    I am planning to buy a Scooter. I am not able to decide whether to go for Mahindra Duro OR the newly launched TVS Jupiter. Does this Mahindra Duro have Tubeless Tyres??
    Please advise me.
    Thanks and regards
    West Bengal

    • Duro Dz is the good scooter to go for. If you are looking some more extra features then go with Mahindra Rodeo Rz. one more enhance model of mahindra. Rodeo Rz has tubeless tyres.

  3. Hello my dear ones>>>>>
    I want to sell my scooty Mahindra Duro Dz at Varanasi.If any body interested then contact me on akky876@gmail . com

  4. Dear All,
    Very first thing, that I’m not a paid user or reviewer from Mahindra.
    I had Bought my Duro DZ on 27th January 2013 from Baroda. And brought it here to SIliguri and have been driving it ever since. And Trust me, there has never been a single moment so far, that I’d had to regret my Purchase! .
    Recently, last December 2013, I Drove my Duro along with my Wife(Plus Bagpack-25Kgs) to Darjeeling, Teesta, Gangtok. Mind you they have Steep Heights / Slopes. And it rode comfortably. My wife never complaint about any back pain or any discomfort. She enjoyed every moment of that Drive:).
    My Duro DZ, has clocked about 7000 Kms in last 12 Months
    This may come as a BIG Surprise to every one here, but My last few Mileages are:
    40.87, 46.53, 42.78, 47.14, 47.58, 47.36, 46.51, 45.22, 48.72 KMPL!
    I find it very hard to believe that other Owners are getting such low Mileages(as they claim) of around 20-30 KMPL!
    I’m not sure what different they are doing or I’m doing, but I Love my Scooter and it just returns it back to me.
    Regarding Pick up, Over taking is so easy with it,
    Power – When I rode it to the Darjeeling, Gangtok and Teesta Hills, all my doubts for this Scooter got over. With little effort, it reached the Top. Thought there is one Issue, that, Starting in Cold weathers!, Have to use Choke for 1st few minutes.
    If any of the Users want to ask any thing or Contact regarding the care of scooter, please mail me at: I’d be happy to advice/help.

  5. you have explained features, now let me tell you what sucks in this scooter.
    1. if you want to kick start this scooter (for any reason), first you will have to put it on main stand, then only you can kick start.
    2. whenever fueling you need to open the seat, where you will the tank cap which is good for nothing, its rough and doesnt open quickly and same applies after fuelin. now you will in every scooter that needs to be done, but no, its not like that in other scooters (except the old ones), for example take wego, its tank cap is on outside and you just need to turn the key, like in motorcycles, its very much convenient, as well as you can also kickstart wego when sitting on it, unlike duro.

    • 1. Dear, it’s basic requirement for Side kick that you have to put it on main stand . There nothing wrong with that.
      2. try a wego and duro dz , then you will not complain about this trifle issue like fuel cap ! Wego sucks at power. Read my review for better view

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