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Management Graduates Average Salary is Rs 10000


A recent study report says that the Management Graduates Average Salary is Rs 10000 and only 7% of management graduates in India are employable. The study conducted by Assocham Education Committee (AEC) under the The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham).

The study conducted for assessing the standard and level of management graduates passing out from B-schools. The results are pretty depressing for everyone. Top 20 MBA colleges in country excluded from the study like like IIM and those colleges which are categorized under A class.

Management Graduates

The reason behind the failure of Management Graduates is the low quality of education and declining standard of school education. Around Rs 2-4 lakh is the cost for studying MBA from B and C class business schools. There are 5500 business schools in India.

These all are registered but in last two years 220 colleges have shut down in top cities and around 120 more colleges are expected to shut down soon in the next year. But the number of seats goes up from  3.6 lakh in 2014 to 5.2 lakh in 2016. So choose well before your graduation option. 


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