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Microsoft BizSpark – How to Join, Eligibility & Benefits for Startups


What is BizSpark ?

Have you heard about BizSpark? Microsoft BizSpark is a well known global program. This helps startups succeed by offering free access to Microsoft cloud services, software and support. BizSpark offers this facility Since 2008 and over 100,000 startups have joined there.

This is a  program which connect you with key industry players, including investors, and providing marketing visibility. BizSpark is a three-year program. You can join this, when you’re ready to turn your idea into a business and need access the resources to help you do that. There is no cost associated with the base program. 

Microsoft BizSpark

Benefits Offered by BizSpark

  • Up to $750 per month of FREE Azure cloud services for 3 years
  • Full suite of development and test software and tools
  • Access to hundreds of FREE training classes, technical content etc.

Eligible startups must be Actively engaged in development of a software-based product or service. This should be Be owned, not licensed by the Startup. Those dealing with developing dashboards, HTML editors, utilities, website, and similar technologies and consultants are not eligible to join BizSpark. 

Startups Qualifications for BizSpark

  • They should be privately owned
  • This should be less than five years old
  • Those making less than U.S. $1M in annual revenue

BizSpark is developed for helping technology startups to realize their goals on their own terms. Through BizSpark, Microsoft’s have various goals:- Help young and innovative software companies for expertise in Microsoft technologies. Microsoft also establish connections with local and global startup ecosystem through this. 

Startups can participate in the BizSpark program for 3 years if renewed annually, unless they go public After this period. Once you applied for renewal of  BizSpark. it takes around two weeks for reviewing and validating the information you provide to BizSpark.

When you prepare application for renewal, this should be clear and complete description of your company’s software development projects. For speedy processing, your application should be clear and complete as many optional fields as possible.

Microsoft BizSpark

To Join BizSpark, either apply directly to Microsoft, or be nominated by a designated BizSpark Network Partner. There are 5 basic steps to enroll in the program.

  1. Sign up for a Microsoft account and try to do this by using the same email address you wish to use for your BizSpark account.
  2. Visit the BizSpark Registration Page. (You must be signed in to your Microsoft account)
  3. Choose a language for your BizSpark email communication
  4. Fill information about the startup (include invitation number)
  5. Review and accept the BizSpark Startup Agreement and the BizSpark Program End User License Agreement (“EULA”).

Your application will be reviewed within the week and you’ll receive a welcome email, if you qualify you will get a unique subscription ID to activate the Microsoft software download benefits. 


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