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Microsoft Surface Tablet Review


Microsoft Surface

Microsoft ‘Surface’ seems to be more amazing Operating system. Surface is a general computer designed as Tablet but performs the function of a computer with the keyboard cover having magnetic spine. Surface carries around $224 for 32 Gigabytes. Touch cover can be available at $309 with a 64 GB version.

Surface is supported with kickstand which lifts up the screen which makes a feel of  laptop attached with keyboard. It also supports in watching TV shows. It provides Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and One Note which is a great benefit. Surface also provides mail services. It helps in swiping with our thumbs.

Swiping allows creating/discarding applications for multitasking when we swipe from top. Bottom swiping allows application specific. Left swiping makes us to come back to previous applications. Swiping back through apps allow to zip past the one you want, but you can’t swipe forward to return .

Surface allows the user to increase the size of every tasks in the desktop. Magnifier supports such type of actions to make screen bigger at low resolution. It consists of  ‘Smart DJ’  which plays entire music like in Pandora featured with Xbox music. Surface is a superior mode of technology consisting ample features which makes it similar to Blackberry.

Microsoft Surface Tablet Price: $224 for 32GB,  $309 for 64GB



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