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Ultimate Modification- Modified Mahindra Jeep photo

This is the wonderful and well modified Mahindra Jeep. Th picture is quiet attractive with its sporty looking and aggressive appealing. Mahindra made jeep modified by an unknown guy. The fatty, high wheel base offering, large tyre are well fitted in front and rear. Black soft cushioned quality seat material is distinctive from the picture. It looks great. It lacks roof and you can drive plenty on sunny days. Overall changes done to Tyre,body parts, roof made the Mahindra Jeep a hot pick. Do you like it ?

Modification of vehicle is presently allowed in India but it should be reported to RTO and get it (modified vehicle details) updated in motor vehicle department records. Otherwise it will be a big offence and should be punished by government. Small modifications they don’t care but modifying seriously, then it should be registered.

John Samuval:

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