Most Famous Churches in India

Most Famous Churches in India

India is a rich country with diverse culture and religion comprised of Hindus, Muslims and Christian. Christianity is having the third largest population in India. Western countries made a great influence to churches. Church is a place where Christians pray to Jesus Christ & Virgin Mary. All Christians follow the holy book Bible. During commemorative days and in Sundays Christians go to the churches and pray. Churches are of various types namely Orthodox Church , Protestants Church, Roman Catholic Church, Anglican Church etc. Below I am enlisting some of the top churches. 

1. Basilica of Bom Jesus

Basilica in Old Goa


Basilica Bom is one of the famous & oldest church in India located in Goa and is 300 years old. Basilica Bom is UNESCO world heritage site. This church holds the remains of St. Francis Xavier body and  is disclosed for display to the public. Thousands of believers come to this church  including tourists. Basilica is situated in old Goa, 10 Kms from east of Panaji.

2. Malayatoor Church



Malyatoor church is he most prominent church in South India located in Kerala. Malyatoor church is one of the oldest church dated at 52 AD. Malyatoor church was built by St. Thomas, Apostle and is located at the top of the hill. Malyatoor Church is considered as an international pilgrimage by Vatican.

Malyatoor is a village in Ernakulam, Kerala. It got it’s name from consolidation between three words like Mala(Mountain), Arr(River) and Oore (place). Malyatoor is the meeting place of mountains, river and lands. For getting the blessings from this church people have to climb the mountain which gives them a greater experience.

3. Vallarpadam Church



Vallarpadam church is the famous church dedicated to Mary. Mother Mary is symbolized as Vallarpadathamma. Vallarpadam was built in 1524 by Portuguese and was destroyed by Dutch people. At present the church is located in Bloghatty Island in west, Ernakulam, Kerala. This church is considered as the most scared church by Pope Leo XII and Union government also declared this church as a famous pilgrimage center.

4. Holy Trinity Church, Bangalore



Holy Trinity Church was established in 1851 and is located in M.G road, Bangalore. This church is believed as the famous military church in South India. The site of Holy Trinity church has been chosen by Bishop Corrie. This church was opened in 1852. Trinity church consists of stained glass showing baptism of Lord Jesus, Queen Victoria’s own West Kent Regiment depicted in the cross.

5. Velankanni Church



Velankanni church is the most sacred church among Christaian community across the world. Velankanni is located in Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu, situated in Bay of Bengal and is considered famous for three miracles like Apparition of Mary, curing lame of  buttermilk, & Jesus to slumbering shepherd boy & survival of Portuguese sailors from sea storms.

This is considered as the most prominent church for about the centuries and is known as ” Lourdes of East”. By offering candles to this church & enlightening this candles will improve your illness and candles can be given in different shapes like lungs, hearts etc as per persons ailments.

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