Mridanga Saileswari Temple – Muzhakkunnu, Kannur

Mridanga Saileswari temple

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Mridanga Saileswari Temple – Muzhakkunnu, Kannur, Kerala

Have you heard about the Muzhakkunnu Mridanga Saileswari Temple in Kerala ? Within few weeks, of this month itself the temple is visited by lakhs of people from Kerala and nearby places. The sudden publicity acquired by the temple is  based on a recorded speech of Rtrd DGP of Kerala, Shri Alexander Jacob. In this clip he describes few strange experiences he had in connection with the temple while he was working as the ACP, Thalassery and Commissioner of Police, Kannur in 80’s.

Mridanga Saileswari templeThe Powerful Goddess at ‘Mridanga Shaileshwari Temple

The ‘panchaloha vigraham’ in this temple has a market value of about 1 to 2 crores. Few thieves stole this idol as there were no security guards. Later the idol found abandoned on the roadside at Parakkadavu with a note – this idol belongs to temple. Again after three years, probably the same thieves stole this but they could take it for only 300 metres away and found the idol in abandoned place. The third attempt involves, carrying the idol up to Kalpetta only. They itself informed the nearest police station about the details of the idol and abandoned it in a lodge room.

These 3 incidents was a puzzle for Mr Alexander Jacob and his team. Later these thieves were caught by the police and they asked about the failure of the repeated attempt. They explained, feeling of lose of sense and direction while attempting to move the idol to other place. They feel dizzy and need to urinate and defecate uncontrollably while carrying the idol. On discussion with the temple priest, they claimed this power as a result of  ‘tantric vidhis’ and long  ‘prathishta karmam’ of more than 7 days.

Mridanga Saileswari Temple – Muzhakkunnu, Kannur Photos Gallery

Few Experiences from People

The late Shri K. Karunakaran who had done ‘shayana pradakshiNam in this temple during his crisis time. This was, when the Congress split in 1969. Later we saw that he ruled the states as CM, 4 times during the long political career. Later K. Karunakaran initiated the conversion of the temple as a National Trust under the control of the Central Government. The late Jayaram  Padikkal and Madhusoodanan, visited the temple regularly with faith while they were in suspension for the Rajan case. Later they both reinstated and retired with full honors after heading the state Police Force.

Origin of Mridanga Saileswari Temple – Muzhakkunnu

This is a well known historical place famous from ancient days. Muzhakkunnu Mrithanga Shileshwari Kshetram has a powerful pancha loha idol inside. This is said to be one of the most famous Devi (DURGA) temples in Kerala. Origin of the lady form of KADHAKALI is from Muzhakkunnu temple by Kottayam rajavu. He is the father of kadhakali and wrote the famous vandana sloka “mathanganana mabjavasaram”about this devi.

This sloka was used as the title song of the Pazhassi Raja film. This is also believed to be the family temple of Veera Pazassirajah.  Great Kerala sinham Veera Pazhassi Raja used to offer his prayers to “kuladevatha” here. Mridanga Saileswari Temple is located in Muzhakkunnu, which is a small village located in the valley of Puralimala (Purali hills) in Kannur District, Kerala, India. If you want to prefer to visit this temple, try to reach via Kannur or Thalasserry railway station. From Muzhakannu, only road travel is available.


How to Reach  Mridanga Saileswari Temple – Muzhakkunnu ?

The Temple is Locate in Muzhakunnu Panchayat, Kannur Dist, Kerala. Nearest Town is Tellicherry. You can visit Lord Durga, Lord Ganapathy and Lord Ayyappa from here.

By Rail: The Nearest Railway Station is Thalassery (around 45 km). The Nearest Airport is Kozhikode (Karipur – around 138 km).

By Air: The upcoming Kannur International Airport is located just 13.5 km away. On road, It is 42 km from both Thalassery and Kannur, and 55 km from Thaliparambu.

By Road

  • The route from Thalasserry: Go through Koothuparamba road towards Mattanur- take a right turn at Uruvachal junction, about 4 km before Mattanur. A ride of 14 km through this road via Thillankerry will take you to Muzhakunnu. The temple is about 200 meters away.
  • The route From Kannur: Go through Mattanur road and then join Uliyil road ( about 9 km). From Uliyil town take a right turn to reach Thillankerry, and then to Muzhakunnu town.

Bus route

  • Kannur -> Mattanur -> Iritty -> Kakkayangad -> Muzhakunnu temple
  • Thalassery -> Mattanur -> Iritty -> Kakkayangad -> Muzhakunnu temple
  • Kannur -> Mattanur -> Uliyil – > Thillankeri -> Muzhakunnu temple  (40 Km)
  • Thalassery -> kuthuparamba -> Uruvachal -> Thillankeri -> Muzhakunnu temple (40 Km)

Route for Special Vehicle

  • Kannur -> Mattanur -> Thillankeri -> Muzhakunnu temple  (40 Km)
  • Taliparamba -> Irikkur -> Iritty -> Kakkayangad -> Muzhakunnu
  • Thalassery -> kuthuparamba -> Uruvachal -> Thillankeri -> Muzhakunnu (40 Km)
  • Kottiyoor -> Peravoor -> Kakkayangad -> Muzhakunnu

Important Notes

  • Official website:
  • Phone Number: 9400208034 (Mob), 8301031501 (Mob), 04902406408 (Land)
  • Contact Address: Muzhakkunnu Mridanga Syleswari Devi Temple, P.O. Muzhakkunnu, Peravoor (via) Kannur, Kerala – 670673 (PIN)
  • Offerings: Thiruvakkadi (mixture of raw rice, cocoanut, turmeric), Pushapanjali
  • Festival: 9 day Poorolsavam in Meenam (March-April),Vishu
  • Daily three poojas – Usha pooja, Ucha pooja, Athazha pooja
  • Pooja timing: 5.30am To 12 pm / 5.30pm To 8pm
  • Contact for Pooja: 04902406408 (Land)
  • Accommodation: Hotel Broad Bean at Kakkayangadu (3 KM) / Phone No: 98460 46867

Mridanga Saileswari Temple – Muzhakkunnu Videos

White arayal (Banyan Tree) at Saileswari temple, Muzhakkunnu:

Mridanga Saileswari Temple – Muzhakkunnu Videos

White arayal (Banyan Tree) at Saileswari temple, Muzhakkunnu:

Another good Mridaga Saileswari temple video Song:

Online Puja Services Price Listing

Note: Amount of pooja may be slightly different in some conditions

NO. Puja /Other Details Amount
1 Pushpanjali 10
2 Bhagya Suktha Pushpanjali 20
3 Swayamvara Pushpanjali 25
4 Durithahara Pushpanjali 20
5 Sreesookatha Pushpanjali 20
6 saraswathasooktha Pushpanjali 20
7 Ashtothara Pushpanjali 20
8 sathru samhara pushpanjali 20
9 sahasranamarchana 20
10 Kumkumarchana 15
11 Thalicharthal 15
12 Ney vilakku 15
13 Enna Vilakku 10
14 Checki mala 10
15 Thulasi Mala 10
16 Koovala mala 10
17 karuka mala 25
18 Malar Nivedyam 10
19 Thrimadhuram 10
20 Karpuraradhana 10
21 Nithyapuja 500
22 Thrikala puja 500
23 Mandala Puja 750
24 niramala 1100
25 Niramala (Visheshal) 2000
26 Saswatha puja 1000
27 Alankara Puja 2500
28 Palpayasam 60
29 Ney Payasam 50
30 Sarkara Payasam 35
31 Katum Payasam 200
32 Ganapathi Homam (cheruthu) 100
33 Ganapathi Homam (Ashtadravyam) 300
34 Thiruvakkati 35
35 Vella Nivedyam 20
36 Appam Nivedya(After Athazha puja) 200
37 Ada nivedyam 75
38 Otta Nivedyam 30
39 Karuka Homam 25
40 Mrithyunjaya Homam 100
41 Deepasthambham (cheruth) 200
42 Deepasthambham (valuuth) 350
43 Choroon 50
44 Ariyilezhuth 75
45 Aal Rupam (velli) 10
46 Thala (velli) 10
47 Kannu (velli) 10
48 Kai (velli) 10
49 Navu (velli) 10
50 Vahana puja 75
50 Mala Dharanama 10
51 kettu nira 20
52 Neeranjanam 35
53 Ellu Thiri 10
54 Pattum Thali Samarpanama 50
55 Payasam 20
56 Palabhishekam 10
57 Ilaneerabhishekam 10
58 Thenga Muttal 5
59 Charatu Japikkal 10
60 Thulabharam 100
61 Theertham Bottle 10

Address of Muzhakkunnu Temple
Muzhakkunnu Mridanga Saileswari Devi Temple
P.O. Muzhakkunnu, Peravoor (via)
Kannur (Dt), Kerala – 670673

Phone number / Contact Mobile Number of Muzhakkunnu Mridanga Saileswari temple
OFFICE : 04902406408
Mob : +91 9400208034, +91 9400826777



  2. For pooja, contact the below address or phone number

    The Executive Officer
    Muzhakkunnu Mridanga Syleswari Devi Temple
    P.O. Muzhakkunnu, Peravoor (via) Kannur (Dt)
    Kerala – 670673
    PH: 9400208034, 9400286777, 04902406408
    A/C No. 0611073000000128
    IFSC: SIBL0000611

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