New light technology Coming Without Flicker and Burning

Fluorescent Tube

New light technology Coming Without Flicker and Burning

Field Induced Polymer Electroluminescent (FIPEL) is a new type of light explored with soft, white light, without giving yellowish tint as fluorescent bulbs using LED. Often there has been made complaints about fluorescent bulbs that it provides irritation to eyes also it seems annoying to the one who sits under it. The new light is faraway from such irritations. It is rather a better aid to such problems.

Polymer matrix has been used to make the light. This light bulb has been a major constituent to  commercial buildings and homes. It is made up of three layers consisting effective white emitting polymer blended with nano equipment’ s which lights perfectly a bright light compared to sunlight. It can be used in office, lamps, light fixtures.

The new light provides twice strength against CFL bulbs. These lights are also available as blue lights which are often used in discos. It enables an elementary situation while children are playing around it will not get damaged.

Carroll’s( the Director of the Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials at Wake Forest University) group is deciding to make a large scale light which will be used in the office, subways, cars, buses. FIPEL is a long lasting technology. It will be reached to the customers by next year.

The group has also developed innovative technology having high efficient solar cells-Power Felt fabric which can be used as body heat to charge mini electronics and solar thermal heat pump. These lights are such an appealing light which won,t shatter or emit yellowish tint.

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