Nishkalank Mahadev Temple, Gujarat – Sea Shore Temple

Nishkalank Mahadev Temple – Under water Temple in Gujarat Sea Shore

Nishkalank Mahadev Temple is situated at Koliyak Village, which is about 29 kms from Bhavnagar, Gujarat. It is located in the Arabian Sea. The temple is basically consist of 5 lings that is believed as a gift to the Pandavas, along with their respective Nandis (bulls). One has to walk approx 1 Km from the shore inside the sea to reach there. The path way is full of mud and as such slippery.

We have to walk at-least 15 minutes from the beach to reach this temple. This temple is one of the best spiritual destination. The idol of Shiva goes fully on the water when the tide is there and we can see the lord when the tide goes down and water recedes. There is no temple structure, only 5 Lings and Nandhis.

Pandavas worshiped the 5 Lings which are the symbolic of Lord Shiva. There is an ancient story behind the temple. It is based on the epic Mahabharata. Pandavas killed their relatives Kauravas and won the battle. In order to find the redemption for their sin, they approached Lord Krishna.

After giving a black flag and cow he says that when both cow and flag turn white, they all will be pardoned. Pandavas followed the cow where ever they go and carried the flag. After that they reached the island Koliyak their both cow and flag’s color become turned to white. Pandavas were sat for apologizing by meditated to lord Shiva.

Shiva appeared in Lingam form to each Pandava. They named it  as Nishkalan Mahadev. ‘Nishkalank’ means being spotless, clean, and innocent, etc. The best time to visit this temple is from March to July. The flag that is of great significance to the temple has never got torn or washed away in the tides, rains or winds till date. It is one of the most devotional place for the people.


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