PM Kisan EKYC Startek FM220 Setup – How to solve issues?

startek installation

I will show you how to resolve issues while doing startek biometric device using for ekyc of pm kisan. Recently government of India announced to do the ekyc for pm kisan beneficiaries to identify the right person those who are receiving the pm kisan benefit of Rs. 6000 per year. So many CSC entrepreneurs asking that how to setup startek biometric device for ekyc. Here the steps

1. Connect your Startek fm220u biometric device with system
2. Install drivers by visiting this website named
3. Install the suitable driver ie, you are using windows, then install both the below mentioned setups
Windows Certified RD service (STARTEK FM220U)
Windows support tools (STARTEK FM220U)

4. After the successful installation, you can see the startek at Right bottom corner of the computer screen.

5.Click register device option.

6. Next is the important step for PM Kisan ekyc, Open Google chrome and type “chrome://flags/”  – please note that do not use quotation. you will get a page and you need to further search “allow invalid” then you can see the Disabled box. Just change it to enable mode.

7. Restart computer and try ekyc of PM Kisan. You will get succeeded. Also you can refer the below video tutorial for reference

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  1. thanks a lot sir, i am installed startek and started work of ekyc. Also installed morpho but morpho not working for ekyc help. startek working smoothly.

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