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Ranbaxy Laboratories Company Review – Products & Issues


Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited is a well known Indian multinational pharmaceutical company founded in India in 1961. This is a public company with controlling shares on Japanese pharmaceutical company Daiichi Sankyo. At 2014 Sun Pharmaceutical Industries acquired 63.4% share of Ranbaxy. This made the company as world’s fifth largest specialty generic pharma company.

They have manufacturing facilities in eight countries and exports their products to 125 countries. This is one of the India’s most trusted brand. More than 10,983 employees works there. Ranbir Singh and Gurbax Singh in 1937 started the company. The name came from its first owners Ranbir and Gurbax. Ranbaxy entered the United States in 1998 and this is the  world’s largest pharmaceuticals market. 

Ranbaxy – Products 

  • Generic, branded generic, value-added and over-the-counter (OTC) products
  • Anti-retrovirals (ARVs)
  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and Intermediates
  • Tablets, capsules, injectables
  • Inhalers, ointments, creams and liquids 
  • Anti-infectives, cardiovascular, pain management drugs
  • Central nervous system (CNS) drugs
  • Gastrointestinal, respiratory, dermatology drugs
  • Orthopedics, nutritionals and urology drugs


Ranbaxy – Issues

The most known and first issue about the company is regrading the Ranbaxy’s fabrication of drug test reports. This happened During 2004–2005 as per reports of Dinesh Thakur and Rajinder Kumar. Food and Drug Administration issued two warning letters to Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd in 2008 in related to this problem. 

FDA also announced an Import Alert for generic drugs produced in 2 Ranbaxy’s plants in India. Later FDA found practice of falsified data and test results in approved and pending drug applications in 2009. 3 batches of the proton-pump inhibitor Pantoprazole recalled in the Netherlands due to presence of impurities in 2012. 

The company Recalled forty-one loads of atorvastatin due to presence of glass particles in some bottles in 2012. There is also an incidence of Dosage mistake of 20 mg tablets were found in a bottle of atorvastatin were labeled as containing 10 mg tablets in 2012. 

US fined the company US$500 million for  selling adulterated drugs  in US and misrepresenting clinical generic drug data in 2013. The company also had Issues like Human hair in a tablet, oil spots on tablets, poor toilet facilities and failure to offer instructions for washing hands after using the toilet by employee in 2013. 

Ranbaxy Management Leaders

  • Tsutomu Une – Chairman
  • Akihiro Watanabe – Director
  • Kazunori Hirokawa – Additional Director
  • Takashi Shoda – Director
  • Arun Sawhney – Managing Director & CEO
  • Anthony H Wild – Director
  • Rajesh V Shah – Director
  • Percy K Shroff – Director


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