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Renault KWID Concept Car Photos, features and Specifications

Renault KWID Concept Car

Renault launched a revolutionary concept car at the 2014 auto expo named KWID. The product is for international market and also for India. This is the first Renault concept car  showcased outside of Europe in auto expo. Renault KWLD Concept from exterior looks, youthful and features an aggressive styling.

The car equipped with a special “traffic spotting drone” feature which release the drone stored on top of car to look ahead at busy traffic. it is also called  ‘Flying Companion’. It can relay pictures to the driver instantly and also spotting accidents or problems when ever necessary. The entire system works in a way that it is equipped with a small quadcopter which can be released from its top in case of need by the driver.

Look, style and Dimensions

Totally the car gives us a robust appearance because of its protective guards. The chunky wings is really remarkable which announces the road presence of the car when you ride it. The Renault KWID Concept Car is a sub 4 meter car and it is happy to hear that this is the first unveiling of this car to the world at Indian Auto Expo. The basic design of KWID is from the inspiration of Renault Captur and it is made in Renault’s design studio in India and global headquarters in France.

Engine Performance and Mileage

Powering the  Renault KWID Concept Car is a  conventional internal combustion engine. It is the 1.2-liter turbocharged engine with a dual-clutch transmission. It is mated with 2WD option and can accommodate  Zero Emissions. The car in all aspects shows the commitment to the Indian market by Renault. It is also fitted with a plug-in charging port for the driver and passengers behind the Renault logo in the front of vehicle.

Safety and Comfort Features

The interior is designed like a cocoon which is inspired from a bird’s nest. Interior of this futuristic off-road lifestyle SUV features 2-tone elastomer material, white colored seats and surrounding, rear air conditioning, dashboard with navigation option etc. The gauges are replaced by theTFT touchscreen settings for easiness. A tablet mounted into the dashboard support this. A quadcopte placed on the top as a part of  “traffic spotting drone” can go up and can spot the problem in case of busy traffic.

Renault KWID All Models and Price List 2018

  • STD Petrol, Manual – 3.11 Lakhs
  • RXE Petrol, Manual – 3.59 Lakhs
  • RXL Petrol, Manual – 3.89 Lakhs
  • RXL Edition Petrol, Manual – 4.05 Lakhs
  • 1.0 RXL Petrol, Manual – 4.13 Lakhs
  • RXT Petrol, Manual – 4.26 Lakhs
  • RXT Edition Petrol, Manual – 4.3 Lakhs
  • RXT Opt Petrol, Manual – 4.4 Lakhs
  • 1.0 RXL AMT Petrol, Automatic – 4.46 Lakhs
  • 1.0 RXL Edition Petrol, Manual – 4.5 Lakhs
  • 1.0 RXT Petrol, Manual – 4.5 Lakhs
  • 1.0 RXT Opt Petrol, Manual – 4.65 Lakhs
  • 1.0 RXT Edition Petrol, Manual – 4.67 Lakhs
  • 1.0 Marvel Iron Man Edition Petrol, Manual – 4.9 Lakhs
  • 1.0 Marvel Captain America Edition Petrol, Manual – 4.9 Lakhs
  • CLIMBER 1.0 Petrol, Manual – 4.93 Lakhs
  • 1.0 RXT AMT Opt Petrol, Automatic – 4.98 Lakhs
  • 1.0 Marvel Iron Man Edition AMT Petrol, Automatic – 5.23 Lakhs
  • 1.0 Marvel Captain America Edition AMT Petrol, Automatic – 5.23 Lakhs
  • CLIMBER 1.0 AMT Petrol, Automatic – 5.26 Lakhs
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